Woman Recovers From Drugs, Banks Months of Sobriety


(HEALTH) – A photo went viral a while ago showing a woman who was deep in drug addiction with seemingly no way out. Facts are that the woman has started her journey to recovery and managed to turn the tide on her apparent downward spiral.

Misty Loman was addicted to meth and her health and looks were suffering the usual consequences from an out of control drug addiction. She decided to make a change for the better and has banked a few months of sobriety. Congratulations Loman, you are an inspiration to millions of people still struggling through the depths of addiction.


Loman was diagnosed with lupus, scleroderma (hardening of the skin), and bone cancer. The woman also suffered the deaths of not one, not two, but three children which is attributed to her brief downfall into drug addiction.

The photo on the right shows the woman winning her battle against drug addiction, she has a number of months sober now and is carrying on with her healthy lifestyle that she fought hard to get.

She has fought her meth addiction and is winning the battle to restore her life to something meaningful and productive. No longer is she seeking drugs and engaging in risky behaviour.


There is a path to sobriety, no matter how deep in it you are. Reach out to the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre today and ask the good, hardworking, caring, non-judgemental people there about how you can start turning your life around. There is a light at the tunnel and Loman is lighting the way. You can reach the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre at 807-684-1880.


5 Replies to “Woman Recovers From Drugs, Banks Months of Sobriety”

  1. What a wreck she was. Just a hollow shell of who she used to be.

    Hope she stays clean but the damage seems to be irreversible.

  2. Good for Misty. I hope she can stay on the road to recovery. If this woman can crawl back from hell others can do it too. But there are too many who prefer the easy road and dont want to get clean. They like the ride they are on and have no intention of ending it as long as the supply is there and free safety nets are in place when they screw up. Worse and worse drugs are being supplied to the addicts on the street and it is only a matter of time before they check themselves out on a one way trip.

    1. The upside of chronic drug abuse is brevity of life. Especially with these hard drugs and alcohol.

      In this instance, the physical deterioration is extreme. Her days are numbered. A sad case indeed.

  3. Not getting clean is not “the easy road”….
    Neither is getting clean.
    Both are excruciatingly hard roads.

  4. Also, the article explains why her appearance is as such,
    Aside from the life addciton she is afflicted with an illness that hardens her skin
    And also another that causes her to be thin and frail.
    I wish her the very best, life after severe addiciton and severe trauma is bittersweet.

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