VIDEO: Coronavirus Death Toll and Infected Numbers Surge


(HEALTH) – The death toll from the new deadly novel coronavirus has now blasted past 106 people and the number of infected people is almost doubling on a day-to-day basis which is now over 4,600. This is up from 2,800 yesterday.

Governments across the planet are scrambling in an attempt to control the virus. Hong Kong is gearing up to seize cross-border travel with mainland China.


In an attempt to evaluate citizens of Wuhan, which is the epicentre of the outbreak, Japan is sending a plane to have a look.

Currently, the virus has spread across China and at least 16 countries worldwide.

China has placed two provinces in lockdown due to the outbreak, Wuhan and Hubei. They have strict transportation restrictions in and out of the area and wearing masks is now mandatory in many Chinese cities.


On Monday, the first death in Beijing was confirmed after a 50-year-old man died from the virus.

Hours after the death, Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam announced that the high-speed rail line connecting the territory to the mainland of China would halt from Thursday. Flights, ferries and buses will also be substantially cut down in serious efforts to stop the virus’s spread to the city, which is a global financial centre.

There is currently no cure, treatment or vaccine for the coronavirus. The virus causes severe acute respiratory infection and causes death typically by the lungs not being able to operate by swelling up and/or pneumonia.

A large portion of the initial deaths were centred around the elderly and people with pre-existing respiratory issues. Those deaths mainly occurred in the Hubei province but since then, details have been few regarding the dozens of deaths in recent days.

Chinese state media says that about 60 people have been discharged from the hospital and recovered from the coronavirus.

What is China doing?

In an effort to stop the spread of the virus, China has cancelled it’s New Year festivities.

Other measures taken by Chinese authorities include:

  • Shanghai and Bejing have a 14-day observation period for anyone arriving from Hubei.
  • All schools across China have been suspended and there is no resume date as of yet.
  • China Railway Group has halted hundreds of trains nationwide.

The city of Wuhan, which has 11 million people, has strong travel restrictions in place which stops non-essential vehicles from being on the roads. Their mayor says that around 5 million people left the city before the holidays and lockdown.

A number of major Chinese-cities have halted taxis, ride-hailing services and public transport. Disneyland in both Shanghai and Hong Kong have been closed.

How is it spreading?

The common belief is that the virus spawned out of an illegal wildlife and seafood market in Wuhan. It can now spread from human to human.


Over the weekend it was confirmed by health professionals that the virus can spread from human to human before any symptoms appear. This feature sets it apart from previous concerns like SARS and Ebola.


The World Health Organization has noted that the incubation period typically ranges from two to ten days.

There are currently 8 confirmed cases in Thailand. Five cases in the USA, Australia, Singapore and Taiwan each. Four cases in Malaysia, South Korea and Japan, each. Three cases in France. Two in Vietnam. And a single case in Nepal, Canada, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Germany, each, although Canada is expected to confirm their second case sometime today.

So far, there have been absolutely no deaths outside of China.


What is the novel coronavirus?

Typically, the virus will cause symptoms consistent with a respiratory illness such as a dry cough, fever, etc. Roughly after a week of being infected, some people will have serious shortness of breath and need to be hospitalized.

This strain of virus typically affects animals. It is a new, evolved version or “novel” coronavirus.

The virus’s effects on humans have long been observed by medical professionals mostly in the form of the common cold. More evolved and dangerous forms of the virus, such as MERS or SARS have proven that mutations can make the virus more fatal to humans.

At this point, it is believed most people will recover from the novel coronavirus, just like they would from the normal flu. One week is the average recovery time expected once symptoms are showing.


7 Replies to “VIDEO: Coronavirus Death Toll and Infected Numbers Surge”

  1. Don’t panic, the mortality and infection rates are the same for this virus as any other bad flu virus. This is all to keep you scared, don’t fall for it. Swine flu, bird flu, SARS, ebola, H1N1… all supposed to “devastate the population”. None of them did, the real concern that you should be aware of is fear to control the masses. Live your lives and stop being afraid.

    1. Or control of economies, stock markets, or for China extreme control of their people at the moment. Someone somewhere is benefitting and getting rich off all of it and laughing.

    2. There is something more to this than the government is letting on. I know this is third hand info, But…. a friend tried to go to the hospital with “flu like symptoms” in BC and the emerg kicked him out because he just came from China. They didn’t want him in the hospital and told him to go home.
      That sounds about right for Trudeau’s plan for containing the virus…..just pretend it’s not here and smoke a reefer.
      I guess time will tell. Until then, watch big pharma prosper and the Canadian markets will hold. Until….well you know
      Ps – this virus seems to double in size every day for people infected. 6000 today, 12,000 tomorrow, 24, 48, 96, does that mean in 5 days we’re looking at approx 180,000 people?
      Let’s see what the WHO has to offer tomorrow. At least they apologized today for not deeming the virus a high risk last week.
      I have to believe that China isn’t going to all these great measures for the “flu”.

  2. For quick reference:
    It’s over 9000 today.
    Folks, if the incubation period is truly 14 days and it can be spread from person to person, then we are in for some troubling times. Every 2 days the number is of infected is doubling. The death rate to date is around 2 percent but is likely much higher. People need to use caution and discretion in times like these. Maybe our government will agree. Hopefully before it’s too late.

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