New Overdose Antidote Sold By OxyContin Affiliate


(HEALTH) – Mundipharma, an affiliate of OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma, now has an overdose antidote for sale. Purdue Pharma is widely blamed for the overdose epidemic.

It appears they are now cashing in on both sides of the situation.


Dr. Andrew Kolodny testified against the company in court claiming that the company is in the business of selling medicine that caused and causes addiction and overdoses and now they are selling the medicine that treats those same issues. “That’s pretty clever, isn’t it?” he said.

The Sackler family, who owns the company, is among the richest in the world, in part, because of OxyContin and other medications. Globally, the company is working towards the domination of the market for opioid overdose treatment. Mundipharma has expanded across the globe.

The antidote, a naloxone nasal spray branded Nyxoid,  is now available in Europe, Australia and Europe. They are defending the product as a badly needed tool in the fight against overdoses. Heroin is a leading cause of overdose death in European countries and a nasal spray is an important option.


Injectable naloxone has been available for a long time. The product is cheap and available in a generic brand. Nyxoid is a first for many countries where it comes packaged and ready to use as is. It is considered an easier way for those to intervene in an overdose. Nyxoid is more expensive than injectable naloxone at more than $50 a dose in some countries. Narcan is available in North America for years and is cheaper.


6 Replies to “New Overdose Antidote Sold By OxyContin Affiliate”

  1. Brilliant strategy.

    Drug companies, druggists and doctors make money selling/distributing the addictive drugs that, in most cases are paid for through our medical system by us working tax payers.

    Doctors dole it out like candy until half the population is addicted and our shit for brains govt finally realize there’s an addiction epidemic.

    Then the govt in their infinite wisdom, go to the very people that created the problem and pays them millions/billions for antidotes that are given away for free to addicts so that they can do the same f____g thing and overdose again tomorrow! Again all the costs on the working taxpayers dime.

    The amount us taxpayers are shelling out to fuel this drug addiction problem has to be in the multi billions. Let nature take it’s course with these addicts. Reducing the number of addicts will proportionately reduce the exorbitant costs associated with this ridiculous problem.
    This is one f____d up country.

    1. Would that include letting nature take it’s course with one, or two, or more of your own family members,whom are addict’s?That includes alcoholism ,Gambling,Over eating,shopaholics,. There is no easy fix to, or for “ADDICTION”. Let’s start with our own Government!They have legalized drugs. Morphine,diladid, phyntanal are all just another glorified name for heroin. Killing pain made legal by Our own,” productive members of society” Who’s to blame? We the people are to blame. Stop blaming everyone and make and take A stand. Say no to drugs? Say no to who you vote for! It’s how and where addiction starts Valume prescribed legally by A doctor to A teenager. The brain and body then becoming dependant on the drug. Is the teenager then to be blamed for becoming unknowingly addicted? Do we blame the parents? Do we blame the Doctor’s? Do we blame the Government for allowing legalization of A controlled substance?The teenager grows up addicted from A young age becomes an adult get’s married and has children. Her children learn from her that there is an easy fix for stress, panick attacks, insomnia, and depression. Go get legalized DRUGS TO FIX IT!?!? We learn from our piers. From Our examples. We are taught by our teacher’s from an early age! Addiction ” Dependency” is taught to us. A gene passed on alright by word of mouth! And by example! To fix something easily is TAUGHT TO US GENERATION TO GENERATION WE TEACH OUR GENERATIONS TO COME THAT THERE IS AN EASY FIX,AS YOU STATED “LET NATURE TAKE ITS COURSE” WE ARE NATURE THEN! WE THE PEOPLE HAVE BECOME TOO DEPENDANT ON ONE ANOTHER’S WORD! SHAKE YOUR HEAD! THERE IS NO EASY FIX!! My name Is “KARLA DAWN STACEY” TAKE IT FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS LOST MANY,TO NATURE, AS YOU PUT IT. SO HAVE YOU! OPEN YOUR EYES!

  2. Too bad so many people just cant see the writing on the wall. His daddy started the nightmare and now junior is on a mission to finish off this festering country. The younger adults and grandkids will be the worst victims of his delusions policies and his ego to save everyone on the planet except most people in this country. Yup I agree , this is one fu*#ed up place to live if you are one of the working class.

    1. A huge part of the problem is that the country has become a welfare state where people no longer need to fend for themselves because easy and reliable welfare will sustain them for life.

      We have generation after generation of welfare scammers, fully capable of working who choose not to. It’s so much easier to lay around, get addicted to alcohol & drug, and commit a variety of crimes. We probably have ten to fifteen thousand welfare scammers in Dumpster Bay alone.

      When one doesn’t have to get up for work in the morning, they have lots of time for drugging and drinking. When the welfare runs out, thievery and/or selling drugs compensates.

  3. How nice of them. They produce the drug that started things off and now they are going to make a ton of money off the hooked on drugs people that overdose. Quite the community minded company.

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