Charges Possible for Those Not Quarantining After Travel


(CANADA) – Minister of Health Patty Hajdu went from just a short time ago telling Canadians that Canada is at “low risk” for the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 to indicating those who fail to quarantine after travel may face charges.

Hajdu is flexing the federal governments’ strength by indicating they will use what mechanisms they have to come down on those not quarantining including fines or charges under the Quarantine Act. “Let me be perfectly clear. We will use every measure in our toolbox at the federal level to ensure compliance… we have measures that could include monetary penalties up to and including criminal penalties,” she said.


Hajdu went on “This is of utmost importance, and I will speak directly to those people who are returning to Canada from March Break or the snowbirds who are coming back. When we say that you must stay at home for 14 days, that means you stay at home for 14 days,”


She further pressed that “You do not stop for groceries, that you do not go visit your neighbours or your friends, that you rest in your house for 14 days, no exceptions.”

Hajdu went on to press that even without any confirmed cases in certain areas, isolating and practising “social distancing” is very important, and she’s right.


Canada gave away multi tons of medical equipment to China when the outbreak started and Canada is now facing a shortage of supplies to combat and detect the virus. Estimates of actual cases of the virus in Canada go as high as 15 times the reported numbers due to the shortage and rationing of test kits.


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  1. Geese. She goes from a nothing job to the government doing this job then that job then another job. All these positions and dr patty and law enforcement patty. When she opens her mouth I turn the channel. Put someone in charge who knows something. Polowski ???


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