Vodka & Hairspray Mixers Land Woman in Jail



Appearing this morning, Saturday January 5, 2019 via video from the Thunder Bay OPP Station in Courtroom 104 is 26 year old KRYSTYNNA MACLAURIN.


It’s W.A.S.H. (Weekend And Statutory Holiday) Court today. Her Worship, Denette Maslach is presiding. Provincial Crown Sarah Munch Is here along with Duty Counsels Richard Garrett and Lianne Roberge.


MACLAURIN’s father is also in the courtroom hoping to get his daughter out of jail.

MACLAURIN is wearing a black sleeveless shirt with low cut neck displaying cleavage.


The court hears that several 911 calls and hang ups were made from a Fox Court home on the Fort William 52 Indian Reserve yesterday. OPP respond to the home and enter to search home. They find a woman hiding in closet in fear for her safety from KRYSTYNNA MACLAURIN. OPP learn she was in fear because MACLAURIN thought this woman slept with her boyfriend.

While OPP are ensuring safety of woman, a voice can be heard screaming from across the street “What the fuck are the police doing in my house?”

Police find a staggering, inebriated KRYSTYNNA MACLAURIN and arrest her. Her probation order from February 2, 2018 has a condition not to drink alcohol.

Police investigation further reveals that MACLAURIN was just sent home from her job at Mountain Bingo for being too drunk from consuming hair spray and vodka.

The court hears that MACLAURIN has a drinking problem. Duty counsel Roberge wants a condition on the bail to be ‘not allowed to leave residence with alcohol in body’

However, the Crown has issues with that because a Judge has imposed the condition of no alcohol on her probation from February 2,2018 on her charges of assault and failure to comply. That can only be modified through proper channels, not in bail court.

MACLAURIN is charged with Breach of Probation and released on condition to keep peace and be of good behaviour. She has a future court date.

Her father leaves court happy that he can go pick up his daughter.

As usual, local taxpayer subsidized media are not present to report this.


2 Replies to “Vodka & Hairspray Mixers Land Woman in Jail”

  1. Jeez.
    Such a pretty looking girl too.
    What a shame.
    Hairspray is not meant to be consumed.
    What could possibly make someone want to drink it.

  2. Everyone on the reserve knows what really happened. Darlene Wabasse lied and told the police that Krystynna was drinking hairspray when no bottles of hairspray were found. She also told the police it was her residence when in fact it wasnt. Darlene’s motive was to throw her in jail for the weekend, because Krystynna was expecting a large sum of money. The next day Darlene was found in possession of Krytynna’s bank card and had made plans with other people to spend the money she worked for. Even after being asked to leave by Krystynna’s family she attempted to return to steal her bank card claiming that she forgot her “purse” there. Luckily Krystnna had support with her, and they quickly grabbed Krystynna’s belongings off of her. If you see this woman please avoid her, she hangs around trap houses and vulnerable individuals.

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