(RED PINE ISLAND – RAINY LAKE, ON) – Shortly after 6:30 pm on September 1, 2019 members of the Rainy River District Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) were advised of a call for service at Red Pine Island on Rainy Lake. Officers were advised that the complainant believed her daughter, aged 62 was attacked by a bear. The female had gone to check on her dogs and had not returned.

Officers attended the scene and conducted an investigation. The female was located in close vicinity to a bear and was evidently deceased based on the observations made by the officers.


The bear was still in the area and was dispatched by officers. There were two other bears at the scene that were a threat to officers during the investigation.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) is currently determining next steps and will seek OPP assistance as required.

The incident took place on a secluded island with no other residence. There was not a significant risk to public safety and the members of the public on the Island were made aware of the incident.


For more information regarding Bears in Ontario visit the MNRF website at: Bear Safety website


7 Replies to “Woman Killed by Bear”

  1. bears were starving no doubt. They should have always carried bear spray, always! It’s the bear home now they dead because of careless trespassers..

  2. Nice to see accurate info in this report of the tragic loss of this lady. Sam Thompson of Global news reported that the women was killed on an island on the Ontario side of Lake of the Woods. The death occurred on Pine Island on Rainy Lake and approx. 80- 90 miles from Lake of the Woods. Some easy fact checking with the Ontario Provincial Police would have given the public a clearer understanding of what occurred. Some may say this is trivial but one would expect better from a national new organization/

  3. She went looking for her dogs ..Where did the dogs go ?? After the Bear, like stupid dogs always do, then run back to the owner with bear after them, then the owner gets killed.The MNR killed one bear, they also should have killed the dogs for causing her getting killed.

  4. Bear Management 201: Call a Conservation Officer and report illegal killing of bears by idiots with a gun and a shovel.

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