Infection Control Leaves Canada, Down South for Pandemic


(FORT FRANCES, ON) – Imagine, a serious viral pandemic is exploding across the globe and you, the infection control person, decides to travel south during this time.

That’s what Riverside Healthcare is working through right now.


Sources indicate that the infection control person left about a week ago for a vacation in or around the area of Mexico. This is while facing a global pandemic. Just to be clear, this is the person in charge of infectious disease control mitigation for all of Riverside Health Care facilities. This is the time she is needed the most. This woman has training that apparently no one else in the agency has.

The woman went with her husband and two kids, according to our source. At the time of her departure, the travel ban wasn’t enacted just yet, but this appears to be the biggest if not the biggest situation she will have to handle in her whole career and she’s off having cocktails thousands of kilometres away.

We are hoping that upon her return, she will properly self-isolate for the mandatory 14 days. Sources indicate that she will not be getting paid for the two week self-isolation period as she was informed before leaving that this would be the case.


You would think the infection control person would cancel travel plans when a global pandemic is knocking on our door. Riverside health care is left without her for the time being. She left after the pandemic was declared.

She did manage to upload a photo to social media on Tuesday with what appears to be an alcoholic beverage in her hand while sporting a low cut shirt and sunglasses.


6 Replies to “Infection Control Leaves Canada, Down South for Pandemic”

  1. Shows the precedent that the twit don’t give a shit about the health of everyone that has to interact with her, nor is this all as serious as being said via the media.
    With a little luck, she will contract the clap while on vacation… and inadvertently pass it to her children, somehow.

  2. For all anyone knows it may be the last vacation her family has.
    As if one infection control person is going to change the outcome.
    Wash your hands and stay home if you have a new cough or fever.
    Riverside Healthcare needs to hire someone in her absence if she is so important.

  3. This is outrageous, disgusting, disturbing and unprofessional.
    Who authorized holidays for the singular trained person to leave during an epidemic? They could not keep up with news of what was happening? And what “infection control” trained individual doesnt understand how epidemics/pandemics progress.
    Fire this incompetent thing (if she makes it back), and the ppl who sanctioned her leave.

  4. Well that is just a bad coincidence. She has a life too and I am sure if she thought or knew it was going to get this bad she would not have gone. I am sure she should would be mostly telling people what has to be done not physically doing it herself and this can be done by phone. The situation is bad enough. Let’s not try to start people attacking her for a family vacation. I am sure she will deal with it just fine via teleconference or Skype.

  5. If, in fact this is true, this woman is a disgrace to her profession. Leaving your post during a time of extraordinary crisis for vacation purposes is gross dereliction of duty. If she knew this shit storm was brewing, she should have cancelled her vacation and stayed on the job to prepare for the problems to come.

    Not only is this neglect of duty. By travelling abroad, she has now become a liability. If and when she returns, she’ll be useless for an additional two weeks while she burns off her self isolation time.

    Way to go dimwit!

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