Failure to Self-Isolate: Fort Frances Healthcare Staff


(FORT FRANCES, ON) – Once again, we are informing the public of people who have travelled out of the country for one reason or another and have failed to follow the “self-isolate” measures recommended initially and now enforced with fines by the government.

This time, it was Riverside Healthcare staff in Fort Frances who failed to apply best practises when it comes to the coronavirus COVID-19, according to numerous residents familiar with the staff and the out-of-country wedding.


Sources indicate that the wedding-goer healthcare workers returned from out of the country around March 13th to March 14th, before the 14-day self-isolation was made mandatory by the government. Residents are curious why the healthcare workers and the employer didn’t use best practises considering the threat Coronavirus COVID-19 imposes.

We have the names of four of these healthcare workers and have screenshots surrounding a March 10th event they attended out-of-country.

These workers, should they have returned on March 13th, would still need another 7 days of self-isolation to ensure they are clear of the coronavirus threat.


The public has tasked me with calling out these failures to self-isolate. Please, do the right thing, put people’s health first and self-isolate accordingly.

If you have travelled at all or have come into contact with someone that has, it is recommended that you self-isolate at home and become socially distant from others. The purpose of taking these measures is to “flatten the curve” on the number of people that get infected with Coronavirus COVID-19 in hopes that our healthcare system can manage the numbers.

The Rainy River District has 5 ventilators, a machine that will breathe for you should you become one of the more severe cases of Coronavirus COVID-19. About 5% of cases become severe. Thunder Bay has about 22 ventilators and are expecting 18 more to come in soon. These numbers are low and should the “curve” spike, people will die at alarming rates.

UPDATE: What stinks, even more, is other staffers, in an attempt to advocate for their co-workers, are appearing to mislead people as to what really happened. Complaints have since been filed with the College of Nurses. Let’s see how it unfolds.


4 Replies to “Failure to Self-Isolate: Fort Frances Healthcare Staff”

  1. Shame on them. They should be fined and lots. This is serious and set precedence now!! $300 a day from each and donate to the family centre. Also a day in the family centre.

  2. I am very happy that people are being called out and shamed. They are putting others at risk and should they infect someone and they die, would that not be like manslaughter?

  3. I KNOW that we arrived on March 12, before the self quarantine was required. But was required was a screening by the Health and Safety team. We were asked questions regarding our health and where we were. If we were symptom free we were expected to come back to work. I myself had a sore throat so I was instructed to stay home. The next day i received another phone call by Health and Safety and asked how I was feeling. I had developed a cough and was congested. They advised me to call the Health Unit in Kenora, which I did and they advised to isolate for the 14 days.


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