UPDATE: Derailed Train East of Emo Spills Crude Oil


(EMO, ON) – On February 18, 2020 at approximately 8:30 p.m. officers from the Ontario Provincial Police, Rainy River District Detachment were called to assist the Canadian National Railroad with a train derailment at the Highway 602 crossing South of Emo.

The OPP assisted the CNR with an initial precautionary evacuation of an 800-metre radius from the crossing and also with traffic control as Highway 602 was closed and unpassable.


The OPP would like to notify the public that the precautionary evacuation has been lifted and residents are able to return to their homes as there is no risk to public safety.

Further, Highway 602 remains closed and is unpassable. Persons who need to travel in this area will need to take alternate routes and use Highway 613 to access those areas. It is unknown when Highway 602 at the CNR crossing will be open and usable for the public.

There was no injuries and no fire due to the incident. CN stated that preliminary investigation indicates that no oil has entered the nearby waterway.


The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is investigating what caused the train to derail.


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    1. This whole country is going to explode if something is not done to restore law and order. First the the federal government should cut all funding until this economic terrorism stops. Implement the War Measures Act and close down ALL forms of transportation. When no food is getting on the tables and you need to walk to get to your destination then maybe these bleeding hearts will get the message. Next on the list, get rid of the apartheid ideoolgy strangling this country. UIntil it is abolished there will be no end to this BS . So sick and tired of being held hostage one way or another because of the demands of certain special interest groups many whose goals are to bankrupt this country and make slaves called taxpayers of others.


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