Man High on Meth Rams OPP Cruiser Near Dryden



Appearing this morning, Sunday December 16th,2018 via telephone from the OPP Station in Courtroom 104 is 34 year old JORDAN DAVID LESLIE LANG.


It’s W.A.S.H. (Weekend And Statutory Holiday) Court today. Her Worship, Denette Maslach is presiding. Provincial Crown Attorney Misbah Haque is here along with duty counsel Marilyn Thompson.

LANG was arrested last evening near Ignace by the OPP on Highway 17. Court hears he is facing 6 criminal charges including 2 counts of driving dangerous, 1 count of assault with a motor vehicle, one count of assault with a motor vehicle causing bodily harm, uttering threats and forcible confinement.

Inside Edition sources indicate that LANG was under the influence of methamphetamine with a terrified passenger in the vehicle when he phoned 911 to tell them the whole community was conspiring against him. His terrified passenger can be heard pleading for her life in the background.


LANG allegedly tells 911 that the only way he will be caught is dead in a rock cut or ditch. IGNACE OPP set up a spike strip on Highway 17. LANG drives through spike strip blowing out all 4 tires then speeds up to aim the vehicle at a police cruiser parked on the highway shoulder.

LANG rams a police cruiser at high speed pushing it almost 60 feet into the bush causing the airbags to go off in the vehicle he is driving. The female passenger receives injuries from the crash and LANG exits the vehicle to surrender at OPP gunpoint.

LANG sounds a little confused on the phone and has a hard time hearing. He asks the Justice of the Peace to repeat the charges a couple times.

LANG has a history of violence and theft. Crown Attorney Haque is not consenting to his release. LANG is being transported to Sioux Lookout and will make a bail court appearance there tomorrow.

Sources indicate the female victim will make a recovery from her injuries. LANG is ordered not to contact the alleged female victim or OPP Officer of cruiser that got rammed. OPP cruiser is beyond repair.

This article contains allegations that have not yet been proven in a court of law


21 Replies to “Man High on Meth Rams OPP Cruiser Near Dryden”

  1. Wow, hope the officer was out of vehicle at the time. How is he if. rammed cruiser ended up 60ft. in bush and beyond repair? Glad passenger will recover and no one killed but also glad no bail allowed. Boy the stuff our police handle but shouldn’t have to is getting ridiculous. Thankful to police for handling situations like this, easy to criticize them but boy they really do a fantastic job when we need help often at great personal risk but we don’t hear about that so much or acknowledge it. so thanks Officers. Hoping this Officer was not injured. and passenger recovers soon and fully.

    1. Apparently OPP officer was beside cruiser but moved before impact so okay. Grateful to hear that. Can’t imagine how wife felt getting that call . So glad to hear passenger expected to recover though injured. Scary experience for her too.. Scary job not everyone could handle. My respect and thanks to those who do a difficult and dangerous job ,

    1. Hope that’s not your real name up there….🤔
      Dryden isn’t the largest town around….and if this lunatic is easily willing to kill cops, then I’d be concerned for this guys baseball bat with your name on it now….?!
      Best of luck to you sir…👉🏿✌️

    2. Dude! You don’t know him or even the whole situation so you can’t even judge. This guy was under the influence and not in his right mind therefore it resulted in him doing things he wouldn’t have done when sober. I hope you didn’t use your real name on your comment also cause Dryden is a small town and some people might not take too kindly to someone wanting another person to die….
      I don’t think you know who you’re talking about cause anyone smart enough wouldn’t dare saying that about him.
      I suggest you start thinking before you comment cause I’d like to see you say that to his face haha.
      Lang is a friend, a father and a spouse to someone and deserves the same chance as everyone else to own up to what he did, do the time and continue on. It was a mistake and we are only human.
      He isn’t a monster and it’s wrong to make him out to be.
      We need that meth off the streets because it not only physically effects a person but also mentally. And another thing, this guy has daughters and family and for someone to say should have been shot is disturbing and wrong, think about other people man

    3. Hey Dubmass, if this ass&ole was high on meth and killed your Daughter, would you still share the same attitude? I highly doubt it. No one forced this POS to take the Meth – so stop acting like it’s the fault of someone else other than his own!

    4. Dumbass, your name speaks volumes about you

      He is no ones friend, and dead beat dad, and an abusive spouse
      No child deserves this pile of garbage as a father figure in their life, and no one should feel they need him as a spouse
      “you wouldn’t dare saying that about him” Is that because hes like a wild animal with a uncontrollable temper and if you speak the truth he will lose his mind and assault you? Or better yet forcibly confine you, assault you with a weapon, then try and assault you with a motor vehicle?

      You can’t teach an old dog new tricks apparently. He is a monster, and a menace to society. Throw away the keys

  2. Dryden already has a lot of mental health issues due to the fact they spilled mercury everywhere. Add meth to the mix. This guy is a idiot and should be locked up for a long time. A child doesn’t need a father around like that to look up to. Evidently according to Dude he already has a reputation of a tough guy you don’t mess with. I bet he’s crying now. I don’t feel a bit sorry for him and his sorry butt can stay in jail.

  3. Use lang as a example it an,t getting any better he,s a f***ing bully had it out with. Him At KFC Dryden he wanted to beat me up lol fucking monkey pushing his weight around

    1. Yes he is a monster. They should feed him to the other prisoners
      in 2009 he robbed a woman at knife point, has been charged with all sorts of violent crimes and assaults in the past, was investigated for child molestation

      Definition of monster (Entry 1 of 2)
      1a : an animal or plant of abnormal form or structure
      b : one who deviates from normal or acceptable behavior or character
      2 : a threatening force

      He looks like a ogre(1) b-pretty straight forward, 2: again no explaination eeded

    2. Your Uncle loves you Jordan! When drugs take over it changes everyone! Its an addiction and sickness that many many people struggle with. Some get busted and some never do. Some get killed or some die! I believe people don’t mean to get this bad, or addicted to the point of no return. Hopefully you can get the Help that you need and beat this. I don’t wish this on anyone. Question I have is why? Why do people (allot of people) need this drug? Everyone reading this have a Family member in the same boat, addiction. Right?

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