Weed and Booze in Vehicle Nets Thunder Bay Man Charges


(WHITE RIVER, ON) – On April 21, 2019, members of the Superior East Detachment of the OPP conducted a RIDE checkpoint on Highway 17 in Alanen Township near White River, Ontario.

While speaking with a driver, the odour of raw cannabis was detected emanating from the vehicle.


During the subsequent search of the vehicle, an unsealed bottle of liquor was located within reach of the driver in addition to a quantity of cannabis.

A 21-year-old male, from Thunder Bay, Ontario, was charged with the following:

  • Drive vehicle or boat with cannabis readily available, contrary to section 12(1) of the CCA,
  • Driving motor vehicle with liquor readily available, contrary to section 32(1) of the LLA.

The OPP would like to remind the public that although cannabis is now legal to possess and consume, it is not legal to have cannabis in a vehicle or boat unless one or both of the following conditions are met; 

  1. Cannabis is in its original packaging and has not been opened; OR
  2. Cannabis is packed in baggage that is fastened closed or is not otherwise readily available to any person in the vehicle or boat.

For more information, please visit:

Ontario Provincial Police: www.opp.ca/cannabis

Source: OPP