Syrian Refugees Busted With Over 220 Grams of Fentanyl







Local taxpayer subsidized media is unwilling to report the hard work of Greenstone OPP.


Yesterday afternoon at 12:55pm March 21,2019, the OPP responded quickly to an eastbound black sports car that had just stolen gas from a Nipigon Esso. Police conducted patrol and observed the vehicle on Highway 11 just north of Windegokan Lake Road.

Further investigation revealed the discovery of over 1/2 pound of Fentanyl. One of the largest seizures in Northern Ontario.

A 19 year old MOHAMAD AL ZARIF, a Syrian refugee was arrested and charged with:

  • Possession of fentanyl for purpose of trafficking.
  • Theft under 5000$.
  • Driving under suspension.

A 21 year old MHD ALI BASHIR ALMANDANI, a Syrian refugee was arrested and charged with:

  • Possession of fentanyl for purpose of trafficking.
  • Theft under 5000$.

ALMANDANI was the alleged passenger in the vehicle

Both men require Arabic interpreters and will make a video appearance later today before Justice of the Peace in Thunder Bay if an interpreter becomes available.

Sources indicate that AL ZARIF speaks no English and ALMANDANI speaks very little English.

The Federal Crown will most likely request these two refugees be detained at the Thunder Bay Jail.

Due to the nature of the charges, it will be a reverse onus situation where the refugees will be required to prove why they should be released.

Both men are Syrian born. But because Canada doesn’t deport foreign criminals to unsafe countries, they will most likely remain in Canada for the rest of their lives.


After Justin Trudeau and the Liberals were elected in 2015, they literally opened the floodgates for Syrian refugees with little to no vetting being done.


Unfortunately, Canadians have been stuck with the bad choices of the Liberals. Several refugees have taken advantage of the generosity of Canadians and committed a variety of crimes. In fact, the Liberals treat refugees better than Canadians.

Inside Edition is working to try obtain more information and photos. This story will be updated as information becomes available.



In Courtroom 105 at 2:15 this afternoon, Friday March 22,2019 a member of the Inside Edition team was present to witness the court appearance of both men.

Her Worship Justice of the Peace Jennifer Neil is presiding. Federal Crown Ron Poirier and Provincial Crown Sarah Munsch are present. Duty Counsel Aranka Golphy is also here.


The logistics of the entire set up require Her Worship Neil to come off the bench to go sit with the court reporter so everyone can be heard clearly.

A 21 year old MHD ALI BASHIR ALMANDANI is up first. He’s heavier than usual, wearing a red shirt with a strange yellow pattern around the chest and shoulder area. He hears his charges. He has an Islamic style beard a few inches in length.

He tells the court through the interpreter that he is a sick person, possibly has ADHD.


He’s told that he will be held in custody and be transferred to Thunder Bay.

ALMADANI starts to cry a bit and says in English that he was “only a passenger”

Next up is 19 year old MOHAMAD AL ZARIF. He is wearing a blue hoodie AL ZARIF is skinny and smaller with very large ears and very strange dark hair reminiscent of the Flock of Seagulls era of the early 1980’s.

The interpreter has to go to a medical appointment and the court is unable to arraign him on his charges. He will be transported to the Thunder Bay OPP and make a Bail Court video appearance tomorrow.

Big Thanks to our Inside Edition team member for getting this story.




The Inside Edition has learned from sources that at 10am this morning that 19 year old MOHAMAD AL ZARIF, a Syrian refugee appeared via video from the Thunder Bay OPP station in weekend Bail Courtroom 104.

Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Zelda Kitchekeesic was presiding. Federal Crown Ron Poirier and Provincial Crown Derrick Silvestro were present along with Duty Counsel Lianne Roberge.

Making a special appearance in the courtroom is an Arabic interpreter from the Ministry of the Attorney General. Her name is Hind Saq. She flew to Thunder Bay last evening and will remain over the weekend and make another appearance on Monday in court.

AL ZARIF is formally arraigned on his charges. Duty Counsel Roberge spends a lengthy time speaking privately via telephone with the accused and the interpreter present.

Federal Crown Ron Poirier is opposed to the release of AL ZARIF on all three grounds.

Primary grounds: the accused is not a Canadian citizen. He’s a Syrian refugee. There is a good chance he will not return to court.

Secondary grounds: if released, there is a strong likelihood the accused will reoffend. He must have strong criminal connections in order to possess this amount of Fentanyl.

Tertiary grounds: this is a significant amount of Fentanyl. The largest seizure in the history of Northwestern Ontario. There is also an indication of a gun component. Greenstone OPP allegedly found a firearm ammunition magazine with the duo. The public would be outraged if this person were released and bring the justice system into disrepute.

The accused tries to tell his story to the court through the interpreter “I was only with a friend”

Her Worship Kitchekeesic cut him off. This is not the time to discuss the alleged incident.

Federal Crown Ron Poirier told the court that a special bail hearing would be required and it would require more than 2 hours.

All Special Bail Hearings need to be scheduled through Senior Regional Justice of the Peace Bernard Caron.

As these are special circumstances, a request is made to amend the detention order to have AL ZARIF appear in person in court on Monday March 25,2019 so he can speak directly with a lawyer and the interpreter present.

AL ZARIF is being transported to the already overcrowded Thunder Bay Jail.
Big thanks to our Inside Edition source for getting the rest of this story.

Local media is still refusing to run this story about these 2 Syrian Alleged Fentanyl Traffickers.


Friday March 29,2019

Appearing handcuffed in Courtroom 103 are the two Syrian refugees who were nabbed by the Greenstone OPP with an alleged record amount of Fentanyl after stealing gasoline in Nipigon.

A 19 year old MOHAMAD AL ZARIF, a Syrian refugee was arrested and charged with:

  • Possession of fentanyl for purpose of trafficking.
  • Theft under 5000$.

AL ZARIF is being helped by local lawyer Heather Salter and has not been officially retained yet.


A 21 year old MHD AL BASHIR ALMANDANI, a Syrian refugee was arrested and charged with:

  • Possession of fentanyl for purpose of trafficking.
  • Theft under 5000$.

ALMANDANI has received Legal Aid and has acquired the services of local lawyer Gilbert Labine.

Jailhouse sources indicate that both refugees are not happy with their present accommodations at the Thunder Bay Jail.

Federal Crown Ron Poirier intends to show cause why both Syrians should be detained in jail.

No bail hearing is set. But if a hearing is set, it will require at least an entire day to conduct.

Both men are returned to the Thunder Bay Jail.

A judicial pretrial is scheduled for April 29,2019 for both men.

Local taxpayer subsidized media continues to give this story no coverage. It’s like they’re pretending it didn’t happen.

Big thanks to all contributing sources on this story. Inside Edition is actively seeking pictures of both men.

If anyone has any pictures of these 2 Syrians, please message them to the page. Thank you.


42 Replies to “Syrian Refugees Busted With Over 220 Grams of Fentanyl”

    1. Didn’t know you had to know English to get a drivers licence or buy a vehicle. When did that law come into existence?

    2. You need to know at least one of the official languages to be able to write and pass the written test to get your license. You also need to be able to read French or English to read our information placards and traffic signs on the road. If they got “accommodated”, that would prove discriminatory to us “real” Canadians as they won’t even accommodate my children here in Alberta, with a French written exam or driving test examiner, even though it is recognized as an official lauguage.

  1. Let’s not all get anti Syrian over this. We have some in Atikokan and they are some of the nicest people you would want to meet. I am sure it is similar in Thunder Bay. Let’s not go penalizing them all for some bad apples. Lord knows we have Canadian bad apples too. But we may be able to blame the government for the poor back ground checking of every immigrant..

    1. Weak. Islam is going to bite your ass if you don’t do anything about it. But I suspect you are a Trudeau supporter so logic and common sense may not apply. I wish this Syrian trouble on your home and not mine. Wait till someone you care about is raped or attacked and then we’ll see if your ‘let’s look the other way’ sentiment holds up. Coward!

    2. How do you think the family of the people these 2 would undoubtedly kill with the fentanyl would feel with the statement. These vermin need to be sent packing along with their entire families. We should not pay for their jail time. Btw how are they driving without not being able to understand the language.

    3., let’s not be one tiny bit nasty to those little Syrian boys. Let’s just let them in, fund their stay and let them commit crimes too. Why not, eh?

  2. I think maybe it is time to look into these kind of people that are coming into our country. Why they opened our doors for these people to enter is beyond comprehension these are 2 young boys that probably do not even realize what they are trafficking it is sad to think what our country is coming to. Think it is time to get rid of the Liberals and somehow try to clean up this country it is just getting worse day by day and all that Trudeau wants to do is pay off people and hide his own crimes maybe time for him to grow up and work for the country not for himself. I for one will not be sad to see him replaced. Well Almandani had better get used to his new home phobia or not he will have to learn to deal with it and hopefully they will get a good sentencing and not just a slap on the wrists because of their age and that they are refugees. We will see what judicial system shall deal out to them.

  3. Deport the bastards.
    Come here to welfare it up in search of a better life?
    Good job low lives.
    Back to Jalalbad for you!

  4. “Both men are Syrian born. But because Canada doesn’t deport foreign criminals to unsafe countries, they will most likely remain in Canada for the rest of their lives.”
    WTH!! Change the law! These a****les are turning Canada into an unsafe country.

    “…HAS A PHOBIA OF JAIL….”. Aww that’s too bad, poor guy. Maybe he could stay with the Trudeau’s. There are probably plenty of translators in Ottawa.

    1. Syria is no longer and unsafe country, its not longer at war, perfectly safe to send them back. One guy called himself sick, saying mabye he had adhd – what kind of bullshit excuse is that? i have 3 kids with adhd, who have all grown up poor, with just 1 parent- and not a single one of them has been jailed or even had to go to court for anything! Thats the worst bullshit excuse i’ve ever heard! ADHD or not, you still know right from wrong. That quantity of fentanyl, you dont just pick up on a street corner ffs

  5. How did he manage to get a drivers licence without being able speak English or French??
    All the informational/directional road signs are in English. Did someone else do the driver’s test for him?

    Trudeau and his do-gooder pals are ruining the country.

    1. Arnold, if you read the article you would have seen that he was charged for “”Driving under suspension””, meaning he had a licence but it had been suspended for one reason or another, maybe for a number of reasons. There is no where in the article that states he never had a licence.

    2. it happens in canada all the time, you’d be surprised how many places in canada you can get interpreters to do your exams and road test, no english required. Its been a problem for years, especially in places like Richmond BC

  6. It’s abundantly obvious that these two ungrateful buffoons will likely not be deported. Thanks Justin.

    I like their pathetic efforts to snivel their way out of going to jail with lame excuses: “only a passenger” and “jail phobia”.

    Maybe, with any luck, the people who owned the dope will take care of these cretins with “street justice” when they get out of jail in a couple of hours.

    Big mistake letting so many of these Syrian “refugees” into the country without proper screening.

  7. Hey don’t paint all refugees in the same boat if any are caught selling drugs do their time and deport their a**. I know a few whom are good people.

  8. I have never heard something so ridiculous, protect the criminals. Throw them back to their own country. All the Liberals are promoting is that come to Canada the land of the free and do what you want and you may even get paid for it. (Book deals).
    Do you only publish what you want Pino? I have been politically correct when I put my comments in and you moderate it and not put any of my comments on even though it is my opinion and it is the truth? Why is that?

    1. Make them EAT the fenteyal Why is is there no back ground checks ! If they havent learnt the language bu now then deport.
      This is ridiculous already everyone else gets their name plastered for wrong doing. Our laws need to be same no matter whom breaks them

  9. Can’t speak English but they have a drivers license how in the hell did he get one and now we pull out the mental card or ADHD card which is bull my son has ADHD and he’s a hard working man in the mines so what bullshit and the other has a medical appointment well maybe you should of thought of that before you try ed to sell drugs to our Canadians you pieces of shit I wish they could have there asses deported the hell out of Canada if not at least 20 years but you watch with are justice system they’ll probably get a slap on the hand because our judges are to scared to offend these people

    1. I’m sure they are responsible for the rise in Young children and Young adults missing for human trafficking too!

  10. Hummm Fentanil?!?,.They could be mules for someone else?!?..didn’t know, or care wt they were haulin?!? I feel for them but if tru it was there’s!!.,,well!.. If you can’t do the time. Don’t do the crime!

  11. …..yea there not all bad, but the two in question are. With no border control and bring who ever with out proper channeling. Let say not the same immigrants that came here in the past that built this great nation. I believe that many may lock their houses and cars. I wonder why, yea I have a idea. Yet leave a border open. Could go on. But I sure hope we get a government change this fall.

  12. Yup hope Trudeau is proud of himself spending all that money on people who have the power to kill so many people when it could have been spent helping the homeless or health care. He will do more damage before he is out of office. He has no morals or empathy. He only cares about himself.

  13. So where did these drugs come from if these men have no use on the English language? Clearly not from anyone with the native tongue of English… from Canada… ? Why is there such a rush to get as many refugees as possible into the safe country that we call home, without the long application process that any other immigrant has to go through? There is a reason behind screening, and immigration is key to a diverse country, but welcoming chaos isn’t right.

  14. Did you ever think about our children we love and protect so dearly Trudeau ? Including you;re children ? These infidels that traffic drugs only care about money ! Life means nothing ! Deport or shoot them .. Period !

  15. Something not right here…
    Why are two heatscore iliterates running hundreds of thousands of dollars of dope..?

    I call bull****. Something is not right here.
    Me think terrorism not out of the question.

    1. I agree with Jesse, they must be part of a larger well funded group, possibly preying on people trying to increase their chances of getting asylum. I say let the RCMP squeeze them after a few nights at the jail.

  16. 19 and 21 years old. Even if they get 10 years, they will still have a long, criminal life ahead of them. What a great country!

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