Longlac Meth Dealer Found Guilty, Gets One Year



Appearing handcuffed in Courtroom 102 on Friday January 18,2019 before Her Honour Justice Elaine Burton is 29 year old


MORENCY enters the prisoner’s box wearing a green jacket with red track pants that have 3 long white vertical stripes on each leg. She’s also wearing institutional running shoes. She’s of less than average height with long brown curly hair and she certainly appears more sober since the last time I saw her after she was arrested.

Federal Crown Attorney Ron Poirier and Provincial Crown Attorney Jane Ann McGill are present along with defence attorney Kate Brindley and they have a joint submission for the court.

MORENCY is pleading guilty to several charges today.



On January 16,2018, OPP are called to a home in Longlac about a break and enter in progress. The caller says no one is supposed to be in home. OPP arrive and MORENCY answers door. She is not committing a break and enter. But she goes to back bedroom. Police follow, MORENCY tries to hide 1 morphine, 139 meth pills and a debt list from police. She’s arrested, charged and released on undertaking.

On January 30,2018, MORENCY is observed driving by OPP who recognize her. She has a meth pill on her and a suspended driver’s licence for unpaid fines. She’s arrested, charged and released on recognizance.


On April 24,2018, a CDSA search warrant is executed on MORENCY’s residence. She has 4 meth pills and a digital scale. She’s also breaching her bail conditions. She’s arrested, charged and released again on bail.

On June 26,2018 MORENCY is caught on video at Value Mart in Longlac stealing 3 steaks, mozzarella cheese and parchment paper valuing $34.91. Arrested, charged and released again.

On July 9,2018 MORENCY and DENISE CHAPAIS are caught on video at OK Tire in Longlac trying to break in. They damage a lock. The break and enter charge is reduced to mischief.


MORENCY was born in Kapuskasing and has a 9 year old daughter. Her grandmother is raising and has custody of her daughter.
When she was 20 years old, she went to treatment for substance abuse. She then became a nurse and worked for over 4 years as a nurse. In 2016, she stopped working as nurse due to substance abuse and being abused in a relationship. She knows she can’t work again as a nurse due to criminal record. She wants treatment again and will not return to Longlac when released from jail.

Justice Burton tells MORENCY that she is the poster child for what meth does to people. She’s lost everything. Denunciation and deterrence take priority in sentencing now.

“You’ve built up enough of a criminal record that all future offences will result in incarceration. Not catch and release” Her Honour advises MORENCY


A global sentence of 1 year incarceration is ordered minus presentence custody. MORENCY has 108 real days that are enhanced to 162 days credit. She has 198 further days on her sentence. But with statutory release, MORENCY will be out in less than 90 days.


She’s ordered to serve 1 year probation and has a life time weapons prohibition. She’s ordered to submit her DNA. A 500$ fine is imposed for driving with suspended licence along with further suspension.

All drugs and materials seized by police have been forfeited to the Crown with the exception of $335 cash which will be returned to MORENCY. She seems pleasantly surprised by that. She’s lead out of courtroom to go back to Correctional Center.


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  1. What a great length of sentence Rachael receives after several arrests not even listed here……I am sick to think that is all she gets….I agree with what my son got, he deserved it and hopefully will learn by it but there have been so many charges laid here in Greenstone and nothing happens….Rachael is one of the first among many that should be serving time…..It is time to CRACK DOWN…..as a parent of a child that has had addictions since he was a teenager and has spent many short term bouts incarcerated….I feel this last one maybe the one that helps him….I pray that it is!!! However, I am not a parent that will say my poor child…..you want to play with fire…..u pay……Here in Greenstone it is time for so many to pay and there is so much that is going on that the public is aware of and nothing has been done!!! I ask myself WHY??? WHY for some and not for others??? I do not feel that the amount of time that Rachael has received suits the crime however I am happy that she is not allowed back in Greenstone. There is no mention of her charges from Kap prior to moving to Longlac and working in the Methadone Clinic……I hope the rest of them involved over the last couple of years also pay the price as well as the big wigs bringing this shit into our communities……It takes money to bring this in……however they seem to prey on those that have the addiction….i hope she gets the help she needs and her probation order is a strong one……I think we all need to look around our neighbour hoods and watch for trafficing cuz it is going on right under our noses….call the OPP

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