Anonymous Submission #0053 – Tbay Nodders


Saturday I witnessed a lady high on drugs…not quite sure what it is she was on…look to me

This was off Victoria Avenue between May and Simpson on Saturday around 4:27 pm. Scary to see.


I hope this lady will find herself, We called the SOS team, but we had to leave, I trust they showed up. She looks so young too. We double back there to see if she was still there, but she was gone. Hopefully, she’s in a safe place.

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And Sunday I saw another individual same condition as the young woman, Yea I saw another individual today by Dollorama and Walmart today, on memorial ave


This guy wasn’t drunk, he was acting the same way the lady was acting, That’s what caught my attention


(Editor’s Note: Below is information from the Shelter House Website regarding the SOS Program, as some people have indicated that they are unaware of what it is.)

SOS (Street Outreach Services) Program

Call SOS: 807-620-7678

The SOS Team, which is a highly trained, skilled team of compassionate people, is out on the road everyday. This team will be out in teams of two from 2PM – 2AM daily, offering their services to homeless, intoxicated and high risk people in our community.

The team answers calls from individuals, businesses, emergency service providers and other agencies. These calls can be made by anyone who wants to help people move to a safer, warmer location better suited to their needs. The SOS team works closely with many agencies in the community including the Thunder Bay Police, Emergency Services, the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre and Balmoral Withdrawal Management Centre to ensure prompt access to services that people may need.

Our SOS Team carries on hand supplies such as warm clothing, blankets, food and harm reductions supplies for distribution as needed throughout our community.

Thanks to our amazing community this program was relaunched in August of 2017, however our service still requires funds to continue to provide services to community members in need.


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  1. I called 911 on Saturday about this same woman leaning on the Royal Eddy. I guess she was gone by the time they showed up.

  2. Thank you, S O S and the really concerned public out there, not the ones that get a thrill out of watching other people’s despair.

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