Youth Charged with Manslaughter Escapes From Jail


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service were alerted to a youth that had escaped custody from a youth facility in the city.
The youth, who cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was being held in jail due to a manslaughter charge. Allegations are that the youth is responsible for the death of someone.
This morning, in a Thunder Bay courtroom, the youth appeared by video while in police custody at the Balmoral police station. Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbons was presiding along with Crown Attorney Derrick “The Hammer” Silvestro and duty counsel lawyer Vallelonga.
Police have charged the youth with escaping lawful custody.
The Crown Attorney is opposed to the release of the youth, citing his outstanding manslaughter charge. Court hears the Crown indicate that there are certain hoops to jump through to detain a youth, and that they intend to jump through them. Further, the youth has 3 prior criminal convictions, some of which are violent offences.
Her Worship asks the youth if he has spoken to duty counsel and the youth declined their assistance. After some discussions it is determined that the  youth will be held in jail until at least Tuesday, when he will have another chance at being released.


10 Replies to “Youth Charged with Manslaughter Escapes From Jail”

  1. “he will have another chance at being released.”
    Are they f_____g nuts?
    Can’t believe how irresponsible our legal representatives are. This punk has a well known history of violence, is being held for a manslaughter charge and the judge has no qualms with releasing this creep back on the streets? He’s a clear and present danger to the public. No wonder vigilanteism happens when we have judges that make such lousy decisions.
    And to make matters worse, we have an extremely violent youth in our midst that cannot be named or identified? WTF? How is the public to know who to protect themselves from? How are the public to assist the police in apprehending this murderous thug?
    Dumpster Bay: Come for the drugs. Stay for the welfare.

    1. I am assuming if he is released then he would only be released to the youth facility he was in previously that he was already serving time in. Not released to the streets. I hope that is what they mean from this bail hearing.

    2. Thanks for the clarification Pino.
      Nonetheless, I have grave concerns that a judge would even consider releasing this violent criminal. His history of violence should be enough to deter any level headed judge from releasing him.
      I suspect that since he’s unlawfully escaped, even a Dumpster Bay judge wouldn’t be too keen on releasing him. At least not this week.

  2. Definitely he should be classed as an adult. He has had enough of a history added to a manslaughter charge plus an escape charge that it is time to realize he should be tried and sentenced as an adult. Get him off the streets and into jail with the big boys. Once he gets out he may not want to break the law anymore. I agree with Rex on his vigilante comment. If the courts won’t do it someone should.

  3. Obviously there’s been a huge mistake.
    Arent they all supposed to be bailed out now?
    Home ON “conditions”, until “court “ , where a plea deal is made?
    And next week we repeat for fun?

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