Woman Smokes Crack, Develops Breathing Issues


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Substance abuse is a serious, modern day struggle that negatively impacts communities around the globe.
Tonight was no different as a woman was located high on crack cocaine and bordering on a possible heart attack or overdose.
Sources close to the woman say that she was smoking crack and occasionally using “purple down”throughout the night.
“Purple down” is an often lethal mix frequently containing heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil and various other random cutting agents such as dog dewormer which has been confirmed by the local health unit.
The woman was sent to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Emergency Department where she was monitored by our amazing medical team who took great care of her. She is expected to fully recover and continue to use crack until she decides to put the pipe down and recover her position of ffedecide .
Thinking about recovering and maintaining sobriety? Contact the good people at the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre and ask them about how you can start your path to recovery. Their telephone number is 807+355-8917.


4 Replies to “Woman Smokes Crack, Develops Breathing Issues”

  1. What a disgusting waste of resources rescuing these suicidal crack heads. Let them die. It will be doing everyone a favour. Including the drugger.

    1. Put the crack pipe down Biff.
      Ignorance has nothing to do with it.
      The problem is society’s failure to hold these hopeless druggers accountable for their actions and our willingness to enable their disgusting lifestyle.
      If these people want to play Russian roulette with their lives, why should we be spending billions of dollars assisting them? Spin the chamber, pull the trigger and suffer the consequences. Providing Narcan just gives them another opportunity to try an different gun. All at the cost of our already strained health system. Get it?

  2. Rex!! I couldn’t agree more!! Unfortunately it will never change here in Blunder Bay because the intelligence level is just to low and the bleeding hearts like Biff, can’t admit there pathetic shit hole dumpy town has a problem!!

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