Woman Seriously Injured After Assault – Threats Uttered


(BIG TROUT LAKE, ON) – Hardworking officers with the Big Trout Lake detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) conducted an investigation into an incident that happened on November 3rd, 2019.

Allegations are that a woman was seriously injured during an assault. Threats were also made to cause death/bodily harm during the course of the incident. As a result of that investigation, officers have arrested and detained Russell Scott Beardy.


A warrant was issued on November 3rd for his arrest and was executed before court this morning.

He appeared in a Thunder Bay courtroom this morning via telephone call from the Big Trout Lake OPP detachment. Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbons was presiding along with Crown Attorney Tamara Fairchild and duty counsel lawyer Robert Atatise. Beardy is facing the following charges:

  • Assault causing bodily harm.
  • Uttering threats to cause death/bodily harm.

Beardy has a significant and related criminal record. He is being denied bail today and will remain in jail until at least his scheduled court appearance on Monday in a Sioux Lookout courtroom.


2 Replies to “Woman Seriously Injured After Assault – Threats Uttered”

  1. “Beardy has a significant and related criminal record.”

    Why do they let this louse out of jail when they know that he’ll continue to be a threat to society? We need a three strikes law like they have in the U.S. and should bring the death penalty back.

  2. Arent we supposed to feel sorry for him? Like the system does? Maybe he gets easily riled up when he has a hang over or his dinner is slow. or a baby is crying. Any excuse will do. So when he cant manage his anger, he goes off the deep end and punches the lights out of women. You know really a tough guy. Either that or it is just his way of directing his attention towards his lady. His behavior is ingrained and all the rehab in the world cant change stupid. That POS needs to dropped off on an island away from other people.

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