Woman rushed by 3 men while at a red light in her car


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A REAL Concerned Citizen has come forward to us with her terrifying incident that took place this evening around 7:05 pm. She tells us the frightening situation took place on Red River Road near the old PACI building, which is now the Lakehead University Bora Laskin Faculty of Law School.

The woman tells us that she was headed up Red River Road near Magnus Theatre when she was stopped at the red light by the law school. She says that she drives this route often as she works just down the street a bit. She felt strange about being stopped at the light during the evening, as it is used mainly for students to cross the road at daytime. There was also nobody in the immediate area around the stop lights.


While stopped at the crosswalk, she didn’t think much more of the fact there was no one in sight when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. Two men rushed up to the vehicle from her driver side and before she knew it, there was another man on the passenger side of her vehicle. The man on the passenger side of the vehicle was wielding a bat and all three men were wearing hoodies that rendered their faces indescribable.

The group was pulling on her door handles repeatedly while yelling at her to “GET OUT” simultaneously hitting the windows with their hands. Her reaction was to punch the gas pedal, speeding out of the dangerous situation. She blew through the red light.

Police have been notified and a report was filed, but that didn’t calm this woman’s worry, she is admittedly “shook to the core”. The woman would like to tell the public to be mindful of their surroundings and always keep your doors locked while driving. She did not manage to get a good description of the culprits.


A big shout out to the man at the Esso gas station that she had gone to immediately after this occurrence. She says he calmed her down and stayed with her until the Thunder Bay Police Service arrived. It is much appreciated.

Anyone with information about this incident, or if you have had a similar encounter, please contact the Thunder Bay Police Service at 807-684-1200. If you would like to remain anonymous, you can reach out to Crime Stoppers via their website at https://www.p3tips.com/273


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  1. Make sure you’re carrying a bigger bat, some of these a**holes need a real beating don’t care what colour they are white brown tan purple or pink they just need their a** handed to them. There’s a hardwood axe handle in all our vehicles for rehandling an axe……….

  2. What the hell has gone wrong with what use to be a great city. Its gone to the shits. Worse then a Detroit. Property values are dropping. People are leaving the city. The children cant play in the parks or ball hockey in the streets or parks ,school play yards.Our seniors are shaken to the very core. Why why why and what the hell do good folks do .There needs to be block watch on every street and block watch meetings to discuss happenings in the areas. If the citizens of tbay do nothing and just lock there doors and prey the prolems will never go away. The good folks of tbay and area need to work together,band together and unit as one to stop these very issues. Sad to see such a great city at one time go straight down the shitter.

  3. that’s it, installing flame throwers under my wife’s car, burn these f**kers alive!!
    cant believe what this town is coming to, you basically have to be afraid to leave your house, and even be afraid someone is going to break into your house too!!
    seriously thinking on moving away!!

  4. This is definitely a story you would hear happening in the states not Thunder Bay. This was absolutely scary for the women driver and I’m sure she is still shaking today. Sorry this happened to you. And thank you for sharing. I will keep my doors locked windows up and phone ready.

    1. Uh people Thunder Bay has had the reputation of being a violent community for at least a decade. It once qualified as Canada’s murder capitol based on deaths vs population. Folks need to handle themselves appropriately in face of rising violence. Part of the problem is when certain groups of people are targeted by thugs it diminishes the human value of everyone not just the members of that community.
      Also this macho vigilantly talk only exacerbates the problem it says meet violence with more violence. All that does is promote and escalate the problems even more. Start discussing root causes , poverty, inadequate housing, lack of good jobs and rampant drug abuse. Lastly never drive with your doors unlocked and travel together whenever possible.

    2. @Dave E : What if we thought of it like this.. say you have to deal with people hurt by chain saws. Do you….
      1. Focus on treating the wounds (ie, apply more police and jail time).
      2. Remove the chains or the gas etc ( give people money or housing or injection sites etc)
      3. Teach people how to use chainsaws safely ( families teaching children things like respect, honesty, integrity, morals, realistic expectations, etc).
      I think a root cause analysis would say #3

  5. Too Bad our friends the Guardian Angels were given the cold shoulder. Seems like we desperately need them or similar?

  6. Omg!!!! That is HORRIFIC!!!!!! These effin intruders into our great city can take a hike. They are NOT welcome. U think you would be safe in your own car!!! How terrifying!!!!

  7. Doesn’t anybody ever remember the biker denoted territory Thunder Bay was? Drugs, prostitution, gang related violence? I remember and can say this, they kept a relative low profile, kept things relatively behind closed doors, dealt with their own but also dealt with unwanted, uninvited species of vermin back then. From the 60’s through to the late 80’s I can remember ‘SC’ hosting a much cleaner city. Sure there was corruption between SC and PS but it just seemed a whole lot safer back then.

    1. As much as I hate to admit it, I have to agree. If the Hell’s Angels set up in Thunder Bay again, it’s almost a given the other gangs would move out and things would really settle down. As bad as it sounds, they’re the lesser of the two evils. And if a city has to have a criminal element, and most do, Hell’s Angels are probably the better choice. Unlike these younger gangbanger upstarts, the bikers are professional criminals who have been doing this a lot longer with a lot more resources. They know how to take care of their business. And to a certain degree, have a reputation to uphold.

    2. DO you really believe they would be out there stopping people from car jacking ? they don’t give a fuck. Don’t fool yourself. Does that affect them making money ? NO – If you’re selling drugs in their territory thats a different story. They aren’t f***in neighborhood crime stoppers.

  8. Witnessed another scary situatuon today…broad daylight at 3 00 pm…a Shoppers employee chasing after an indigenous male attempting to steal many items…face covered… she chased after him in the store, all the time yelling for him to empty his pockets. He just kept trying to get out the door, dropping items along the way… finally escaping… this being Thursday, many senior citizens in the store, with looks of fear spread across their faces… the store employee was put in a very dangerous situation…. something definitely needs to be done.. these people have absolutely no respect,,or fear.

    1. A lone woman is no match for three thugs unless she has a gun. I hope it doesn’t come to the point we become like the US where guns are necessary but as I get older I see the need one for my own safety,

  9. Its hilarious that people think another gang will make this city safer. Sounds more like TBay citizens need another school and better education

  10. So there’s obvious assumptions by some that these were indigenous folks who ran up to the woman’s vehicle…

    & it Sounds like tBay needs an end to racism on all levels. It’s like all the white people forgot why the fuck some indigenous folks are facing the adversity they are. Before they were abused & had their entire way of knowing slashed it wasn’t like this. This is a direct result of white colonization and cultural genocide.

    1. Lol, really only “all the white people forgot”. That’s racist to assume all the white people did this to you. Do you hate Russians too? Because they never colonized and never committed genocide on anybody but themselves. Do you think brown people never killed each other? Do you even know what Sioux means?

    2. This is about a woman being assaulted in her own car …minding her own business …No one said it was indigenous people doing this …its says hooded guys …
      Enough about poor indigenous people… This is 2018 not the 1800’s and it is their choice to live as they do.. the indigenous people are given more that the white people or seniors for that matter and its how they choose to abuse their own or abuse what they are given on their own reserves and cry white people made them do it … history is history … they have their own minds… they have the choice of schooling paid for by the white government … if they opt not to take it that is their own fault … stay on the reserves … collect the government money ..what more do you want …. quit blaming the white people….stand up and take blame for your own problems …the root of the evil comes from home … ie ..the reserves … live with the times … Being indigenous has nothing to do with this story … you are the one making it racist ..no one else

  11. Dumb people …..ya that describes you . Organizations like them are professional and don’t do stupid s**t. You’re the dummy. Go back to picking daisies and frolicking through the tulips .

    1. Maybe you should pick some daisies and frolick through the tulips. I don’t need proof of your sobriety. Don’t even care really I Just asked a question. Lol. You just seem hotheaded.

  12. TBAY is not the only city going through this. I live in Brantford ontario and we have a lot of drug problems and break ins and many more things. I plan on moving from here in a few years and retire somewhere else. The violence needs to stop we all need to stand together as a whole. Gun violence is not the answer either. I feel for my kids and grand kids these days and what will happen in the future when we have passed on.

  13. MANDUKEA…….I am sure they dont give a f**k but i am saying that it would be helpful if an organization that is professional and has strength would assist.As far as drug control goes,there are ottawa gangs moving in and causing chaos.RELAX ………ITS A COMMENT ,NOT A REALITY.

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