Woman From Thunder Bay Gets Nose Bitten Off


(TORONTO, ON) – A woman with roots in Thunder Bay moved to Toronto and has since run into a substantial nose-related issued.

24-year-old Allyson D was held hostage shortly after leaving a nightclub. Her boyfriend, the alleged perpetrator of the incident then bit part of her nose off.


This incident unfolded during New Years’ celebrations.

Allyson wants everyone to know that she does not want to be known as someone seeking pity but rather wants to encourage other women to speak up and out about domestic violence.

Police searched her boyfriends (now ex, presumably) house for the missing chunk of the nose. It is believed it was either swallowed to discarded as the K9-Unit could not locate the bitten off chunk of the nose.


“This is never ok !! OKAY ?! Firstly know I am not a domestic abuse VICTIM I won’t be known as someone wanting to share a message that of pitty and shame in fact I want my story to help others know of this this domestic abuse situation. Being in that this is the extent I was brought to by bringing back into my life the “ex bf that was “. never ever EVER do I want another to go threw the excruciating pain, the trauma of blood pouring into your clothes as it was a piece of facial tissue that had been chewed off as I was. I was beyond in shock and horrific realization when I saw my image in a mirror 2 hours after the incident I couldn’t believe it to be true .. but this is my life now I have a hole missing off my nose. I have a bandage that must always have to be covering the wound to prevent infection. I will have a skin graft from a piece taken off my ear that they use as they couldn’t use the flesh that was ripped off of my nose on account he either swallowed it or flushed it in the toilet. All I know is that we got thought this. THIS isn’t about me ok this is about WE never again will we as a woman stay silent towards domestic abuse !! I was attacked by him in August.. New Years after we went out to efs and went back to his house he took it to this point and further more the attacks only got worse since I got back w him . Ladies know you are NOT alone . I am not a victim but a survivor and a voice !!!!!! Had I not escaped out of the house he held me against my will in: I probably never would of survived .. let’s not look at this at this as a pitty but a righteous act I CANNOT BE BROKEN. But I can use my voice to help others . Thank you thank you thank you god !!!!! I got bigger plans in this existence of mine Allyson is no where near her end of life although he nearly murdered me we are just getting started in my own life plan ; his jealousy over me and beatings and mental abuse he put me threw are not enough to stop ME . This was a mere minor set back . No man no woman can hold me back from my blessings I have to come not even his satanic self ; try again we god the lord and Jesus Christ on our side and our voice can not be silenced !!!!!!” Said Ally D.

Allyson says she is scheduled to have surgery that will use parts of her ear to reconstruct the missing chunk of her nose that was violently bitten off during the New Years’ celebrations. Police are aware of the situation and are pursuing the investigation. Charges are expected to be laid if they haven’t already.

The victim grew up in Thunder Bay and attended school here for some time. She has many friends and is well-liked.


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  1. Sad to see. Can’t help but wonder if drugs were involved?

    It’s alway good to be selective when choosing a mate. Curious to know if the nose biter is related to Mike Tyson? Oh, I forgot. He was an “ear man”.

    1. That is extremely disrespectful .you should respect her for come and telling her story and not making fun of a horrible situation that gonna damage her for life

    2. Get over it Chantal.

      They’re probably a bunch of dopers gone off the deep end. Your sympathy is more than likely wasted on these freaks.

      Nonetheless, I’ll keep my “nose” out of this from now on. OK?

  2. Wow! I NEVER respond to this type of horrendous situation. I too am an Abuse Survivor! We never normally publicize. But My heart goes out to you Maam. We just don’t know what are in the minds of these people. And it isn’t always men. Women can be every bit as abusive. I’m so sorry for your pain. Best Of luck1

    1. Thank you for going public wih your story. I hope people will find the resources they need and the knowledge about domestic violence red flags. Please disregard the numbnuts that have commented above.

  3. Why is this a forum to judge this girl and her boobs , line of work, spelling or any damn thing. There is no justification for her missing part of her face, none, I don’t care what her choices were. It isn’t funny either. I’m certain that any of you cowards that are behind the keyboard, that think you are so clever, would not be laughing if your nose was bitten off. I can’t imagine how scary this is and regardless of what precipitated the incident, Ally has my prayers.

  4. Seems like a racially motivated incident, no? There might be a pattern here if we stop tiptoeing around taboos and look at the data.

  5. I think there’s another lesson to be learned here, and it’s about young ladies entering the world of selling their body’s and getting mixed up with pimps and drugs. I don’t know the whole story here or what led up to this point, but clearly this man is a complete piece of shit. But young girls see other girls on Instagram, with Louis Vuitton handbags and hanging out at clubs and going on trips and think to themselves “I want that life”. But what you don’t see posted on IG is all the nasty dicks girls suck to get those expensive handbags and to go on those trips. Being a “working girl” is not about being “independent”, in fact it’s the exact opposite, you’re completely dependant on men for money, and often have to undergo abuse at the hands of these men for that money. This might sound harsh, but don’t be a whore and then act surprised when you get treated like one, and I’m not talking about just this incident, this is a message to all the young girls out there who wanna get into this line of work. That should be the REAL message here.

    1. How do you know she was in this industry and that he was a pimp ? Ps not all girls in that industry have a pimp. Smart girls are making money selling pics/vids online without having to touch anyone. And I know several strippers who saved so much $, never touched drugs and now have their own business. They don’t need a scumbag pimp to manage them. Fk that

      And regardless it doesn’t justify this behaviour wtf

  6. I’m sure if she wasnt selling her body for money she wouldnt be around these types of characters that cause her bodily harm. Maybe the bf / pimp was mad about the cash flow

    1. I love how they try to make this sound like it was totally just a random act of violence.
      Like some random guy bit her nose off.
      Meanwhile she has had issues with this guy before.
      It probably was her pimp.
      He looks like a thug wannabe.
      Now her mom starts the gofundme.
      The apple didn’t fall far from that tree for sure.

  7. What the fuck people. Who cares what her work is, how her boobs look or her lips. No-one deserves this ; not a man or woman. She is someones daughter friend sister. What the fuck. Grow the fuck up people and if you have nothing nice to say then shut the fuck up.
    I hope you feel better soon. And ignore ignorant people

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