Woman Beaten, Tossed Down Stairs on May Street


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The friend of a woman has reached out to us to get the story out about what happened to her friend this evening.

An altercation erupted between a woman and a man. The man struck the woman repeatedly, eventually shoving her down a flight of stairs.


The woman suffered significant but not life-threatening injuries.

Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service and paramedics with Superior North EMS responded to the scene. The woman was transported by ambulance to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre where she is getting treatment in the emergency department.

No arrest has been made yet and the suspect fled the scene after the woman tumbled down the stairs in the 100 block of May Street South.


If you are experiencing domestic violence, please reach out to your local police department and ask them for help. They can and will help get you safe and sort out your life.


8 Replies to “Woman Beaten, Tossed Down Stairs on May Street”

  1. Funny how all these men in Thunder Bay hurt women then run away. Get women hooked on drugs them blame them and say they are shirty people. Rob friends and family. Why so many dead beat dads?Come on here and slag off women and girls bettering their lives. What is going on with the men in Thunder Bay?

  2. Just another Friday night in Dumpster Bay.

    The welfare scamming lowlife alcoholics/druggers take the last of the kid’s grocery money to blow on alcohol and dope, get drugged/likkered out of their minds, then pull out the hardware to beat and carve each other up.

    The gutless cowardly pricks beating/maiming women are the lowest form of life on the planet. The devil took a day off to make those heinous bastards.

  3. Those who beat a woman deserved to be beaten twice as hard. Maybe then they will realize what a beating feels like!

  4. The real problem lies within the system …they get to court and the judge gives them a slap on the wrist. ship them out somewhere away from the public and have them work 8 to 12 hours a day like the taxpayers do to support their welfare scum lives. The abuse and drug activity need to stop and only way is to make them pay for their crimes. Build a special holding centre and lock them in so no leaving and make them work and go to special classes to better their lives . Use part of the LPH buildings and make special holding places to hold them and retrain their brains to a normal life ..The government is already supporting them with welfare and police to put their lives in danger to handle these scumbags, Put the money to good use and retrain them to a normal way of life…

    1. You get that the “LPH” is a totally unusable building that will cost 100s of 1000sto upgrade into a usable building again right? I guess you have all the answers but have never actually worked for any company involved in TBay.
      You get that addiction is extremely hard to beat and we have thousands of people on waiting lists for rehab right? Rehab that barely exists (literally a handful of spots for thousands of people who die while on waiting lists).
      You get that welfare exists not to “help” people but to control the crime rate, right? That it’s cheaper to give money to people than it is to treat homelessness and poverty in our society?
      You get that the Ford gov knows we need a new jail here BADLY yet has absolutely ignored all local please for funding? 100% ignored.
      You get all this stuff already before you spout off, right?

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