Woman Beaten then Mauled by Dog. Police Make Arrest


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Allegations are that on Thursday, January 30th, 2020 a woman was at her boyfriend’s house and that her boyfriend woke up and started playing video games. The male was being very loud while doing this to the point the woman was woken up.

She had asked him why he was awake and why he was being so loud. This apparently angered the man who then started yelling at the woman, shouting “get the fuck out of my house!”. The woman told police that the man then had pushed her to the back of the residence, where a brutal assault was about to unfold.


The woman was then punched to the face with a closed fist. She was then kicked to the back and the side of her face. The woman then desperately cried out for help at which point the male grabbed her by the hair and slammed her head into a door frame. At this point, the males’ 120-pound dog, which is a Sheppard/Mastiff mix, then attacked her, mauling her. Both of her arms sustained injuries from the dog biting her.


The woman says that her now ex-boyfriend was encouraging the dog to continue the attack on her.

Soon after the woman made her way to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre where she obtained medical attention. Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service arrived and investigated the situation. As a result of that investigation, 25-year-old Jesse Lemay has been arrested and charged in relation to these allegations. Lemay was picked up by police and transported to the Thunder Bay Police Service headquarters located at 1200 Balmoral Street where he was held pending a court appearance.


Appearing in a Thunder Bay Courthouse courtroom on January 31st, 2020 via video link while in police custody at TBPS headquarters is 25-year-old Jesse Lemay. Presiding over court matters was Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio along with Crown Attorney Brachen and a duty counsel representative. Lemay is facing the following charges which stem from the incident noted above:

  • Assault.
  • Criminal negligence (encouraging a dog to maul a woman).

Lemay is granted release from police custody during the hearing without a surety but has promised to pay $500 if he breaches any of the following conditions:

  • Not to contact the alleged victim.
  • Not to be within 100 metres of anywhere the woman lives/works/goes to school or otherwise frequents.
  • Not to posses any weapons.
  • Reside at his home in the 300 block of Grenville Avenue.
  • Not to possess any animals.

Sources indicate that the dog in question has been taken into custody by animal services. Lemay is released from the  TBPS headquarters and is scheduled to appear back in court on February 25th, 2020 to begin answering to the charges before him. None of the allegations have been proven in a court of law.


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    1. Fuck off asshole. The dog was probably in a state of frenzy due to this assholes behavior. The dog shouldn’t pay the price for having a dick as an owner. And as there is no indication whatsoever that the injuries to the woman from the dog were serious, it could have been nothing more than a few scratches or a single bite. “Mauling” would mean she’s been torn apart.

    2. not really the dog’s fault if he was being encouraged. And no mention of her injuries, a dog like that would of killed her if it truly was being mauled. I mean think about it. I think this guy is a piece of garbage however and should not be released like that. Like WTF it’s no wonder these people continue to break the law as there seems to be little to no consequences.

    3. Stfu I know him and have known him most of my life, he’s not like this and as for the dog you’re a cunt if you think that if he actually did do this the dog deserves to be put down. So how about this, research the person a bit and make your own decision instead of reading one article and thinking “He HiT WoMaN EvEn ThOuGh It HasNT bEEn PrOvEN KiLL dOg Lmao”

  1. After such a violent assault and utilizing a vicious dog in the attack, they let this bastard out?

    Unbelievable injustice.

    Just another Dumpster Bay piece of shit. Likely on welfare and cracked out of his head.

    I agree. Euthanize them both.

    1. I’ve met this dog, not once did it bark or try and come at me in an agressive way, there is more to this than they are putting out

  2. Hopefully the victim will never have anything to do with that POS ever again as well as be more selective about any future partners. The sad thing is too many abused women do go back to those POS. They just dont get it that if they do you harm once and you stick around, you have given them the green light to do it again. Once might be unpredictable, but after that it is quite predicatable. This particular woman abusing POS shit should be put down along with his dog. Only give the dog the needle and give this POS a slow castration first and then a ride on old sparky.

    1. Jason Take a pill and calm down. You are as out of control as that as that dog was. Or perhaps you were just born as an igornanus. (Someone who is both stupid and an asshole DUH ). I have had many great dogs and they never attacked anyone. So dont call me a dog hater. Any dog that attacks once could potential attack again. Maybe it never will but who is to know. I am sure you will jump to pick up the legal tab and all other costs if that dog does attack again.

    2. Excuse me nigga did you reply to a comment saying that theres more to this than being let on with a comment calling him a POS? Boi do you know him? No? Then stfu he’s been through this a few times and each time he was innocent. Are you sure the victims really all that innocent? Because he could very well be the real victim here again.

  3. I will take the dog and re-educate, and socilaize him.. the owner should get a jail sentence.. jay its ok bud …some people dont get the whole picture.. we all have to live here. lets make it a better place .. that poor women will be afraid of dogs for the rest of her life. its gonna take alot of therapy to recover from that. if she recovers at all. i would have turned the T.V down fer sure.
    i am very sad to hear about this (tears of anger).

    1. Dude you’re definitely the least aggressive person who’s commented here but I gotta defend this guy because he’s been abused by an ex before, he’s family and that dog was the nicest dog I have ever met. The past actions of the dog and owner leads me to one major conclusion, she’s not telling the whole story and possibly isn’t telling the truth in general. As for Sally anyone who uses duh in an argument is retarded and should not be taken seriously. Bitch sounds like shes 12

  4. Send him over to the big house with a tub of petroleum jelly and a note on his head of why he’s there – women BEATER. His asshole will be the one beaten time and time again, just like his women did


    1. Bob shut the fuck up you useless twot. Your probably the one who goes around hitting ‘thumbs down’ on everyone’s comments, every one of them has one thumbs down only. If it is you, which everyone is betting it is, your a sick fuck. People speak the truth in these comments and you go the opposite way. I wish you and this POS would have a fight to the death, locked in a cell for days with no food or water. Sick fucks like you need they IP addresses run and your brain checked, faggot

    2. Clearly he’s more educated than you with that spelling, like Jesus Christ it hurt my head to read that you retarded fuck not only is he more educated he also seems to be better at making decisions without listening only to what others are saying, nice try spinning it to make him look bad though.

  6. NOT the dogs fault what so ever & shouldn’t have to pay because the owner is a Douche.
    Like stated above, there was a state of frenzy & the dog is doing what it’s told which is what they are supposed to do – listen to their owners. Poor dog, probably thought it’s owner was being hurt. Not true either that if they do it once, they do it again. I own a dog, a big one. My dog has protected me in a situation & this summer chased away a few bears from our camp site. You meet her – she is the biggest suck ever but is doing her job by protecting her mom.
    As for this POS…. I agree with everyone’s opinion that he needs to be Euthanized.

  7. Such anger and foul language used by Jason. We shoot rabid animals and lock up violent criminals nothing to get so anger about. Beg the question why would someone gets so anger over a simple comment?

    Dog needs to be put down

    Criminal needs to go to jail and anger management like some posters

  8. “25 years old”
    “Wakes up and plays video games”…so loud as to awake someone.
    Is questioned about his actions.
    Becomes enraged and turns into a savage.
    – WHO has a problem or two here?
    This judge should have sent this stunted lazy AH for a psychiatric assessment. He needs addiction and anger management work.
    The juvenile mind and entitlement- will be personality.
    ALL females should stay away.
    Poor dog should be re-assessed by an animal behaviorist and re- homed if possible.
    The cretin should be legally barred from owning any pets as he obviously wanted the dog as a weapon to protect his weak spined self

  9. I have big dogs as well and if it looks like their master is being harmed they will attack with a warning. Those dogs can do alot of damage and they are not trained to do this, any dog will do this even a chihuahua. My husband was asking directions to a couple and their dog attached his leg. I mean if he hollered for the dog to be put down where is the decency of that. The rat that owned him should be put down and I hope that someone that knows dogs grabs that dog at the animal services. Where are you Troy????

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