Woman Badly Beaten, Flown Out to Hospital After Violent Home Invasion


(FORT SEVERN, ON) – Fort Severn is the furthest northern community in all of Ontario. Violence often erupts in the remote First Nation community, but last night it went well beyond the usual slap or punch.

Allegations are that Neil Howson (pictured) has been beating on a woman with some level of frequency over the last while. Last night it is alleged he beat on a different woman and residents are speaking out.

Further allegations are that he barged into a womans house last night while the women were sleeping. His alleged target, a woman who is a mother, ran out of the house yelling for help. Sources indicate that he caught up to that woman and she was so badly beaten that she had to be flown to Sioux Lookout hospital in a rush for emergency medical attention.

The mother ended up being sent to an as of yet unknown hospital for further medical treatment as Sioux Lookout hospital was unable to attend to her injuries.

Residents of Fort Severn say that Howson is avoiding police and is in hiding. Officers have started an investigation and are seeking any possible witnesses or anyone with further information on this situation.

UPDATE: We have been told that Neil Howson has been arrested by the police and remains in custody at the time of this update Tuesday, February 11th, 11:28 pm.


6 Replies to “Woman Badly Beaten, Flown Out to Hospital After Violent Home Invasion”

  1. This is one to certainly teach a lesson. Unfortunately he will probably get sent off his reserve to live off tax dollars courtesy of the hard working citizens of Thunder Bay and rape our community like all the low life others.

    1. Jess:

      Probably right.

      They’ll send him to a Dumpster Bay healing lodge (Landmark) for a few days then down to the welfare office to sign him up for the dole, then get him a suite in Limbrick or Academy so that his future victims will be nice and close.

  2. Not only fat, but ugly too!! I just hope he doesn’t get banished from his reservation and sent here!! All these place need a memo sent out stating that we are FILLED to capacity with their rejects. Ship them to Winnipeg or down town Toronto! I’d suggest Toronto because they could use the eye opener after all the negative press those douchbags throw at us. Now it’s their turn to get a dose of their own medicine!!! Have a good night everyone! I’ve got to be up at 545 so I can be at this thing called a JOB!


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