Woman Assaulted with a Car Jack After Child Tax Day


(POPLAR HILL, ON) – In the early morning hours of September 21st, 2019, the day after Child Tax went out, a Poplar Hill woman was assaulted with a car jack.
Officers with the Poplar Hill detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police have arrested and detained 32-year-old Darius Moose. He appeared via video link in a Thunder Bay bail court this morning to take a swing at being released from police custody.
Moose is facing the single charge of assault after the incident. The courtroom is populated this morning with Justice of the Peace Bernard Caron, Crown Attorney Derrick “The Hammer” Silvestro, and duty counsel lawyer Robert Habjan.
The Crown states that this is a Crown-onus situation and there are secondary ground concerns regarding the release of Moose today. He indicates that he is opposing the release of Darius Moose today. Secondary ground concerns means the Crown believes there is a substantial risk that the accused, should they be released, might either become a public safety concern or re-offend.
Duty counsel requests that the matter be scheduled to return to court on Monday in a Kenora bail court. This will give Moose sometime to figure out his legal counsel and get a bail plan together.
Court hears that Moose requires a translator for future court appearances. He speaks Ojibwe as his first language. A translator is ordered for his following court appearances as there is not one available at this moment.
Moose is ordered to remain in jail until at least Monday, where he will have another swing at getting out of jail. He is escorted back to his holding cell at the OPP station where he will wait before being shipped off to the Kenora District Jail.
(Photo not of actual weapon used, just a generic car jack.)


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