Wanted Wednesday Star Arrested Yet Again


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Once again, officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service have arrested 44-year-old Armand Cummings. He was a suspect in the death of someone not long ago. He is currently on probation and had a warrant for his arrest issued yesterday.

Allegations are that he breached his probation order by not reporting to probation between November 7th, 2019 and December 12th, 2019. The warrant for his arrest was issued on December 19th, 2019. Cummings was arrested and transported to the Thunder Bay Police Service station where he was held in police custody pending a court appearance.


Justice of the Peace Denette Ellard was presiding over court this morning along with Crown Attorney Katrina “Lock ’em UP” VanKessel and Michael “The PITBULL” Hargadon’s law student T. Bud.

Cummings is facing a new charge of breaching his probation along with his outstanding charges listed below which are still working their way through the criminal justice system.

  • Theft under $5000 x2.
  • Breaching probation x2.

Cummings was not released from custody today and is headed to the overcrowded and understaffed Thunder Bay District Jail, where he will likely remain for the time being. He is scheduled to appear back in court on Monday, December 23rd, 2019 for another swing at being released.


HISTORY article via thunder bay courthouse – inside edition dated October 12th, 2018:


Appearing in Courtroom 303 this afternoon is 43-year old ARMAND GEORGE CUMMINGS in relation to the manslaughter death of Mannie “Josh” Spence.

His Honour Frank Valente is presiding, Crown Attorney Trevor Jukes is present along with defence attorney George Joseph.

CUMMINGS is led handcuffed into the courtroom by the much larger TBPS Special Constables Jason & Ryan.

Cummings stands approximately 5’6″ tall and is slim build with hair tied back in a ponytail and an unkempt beard. He’s wearing a black jacket with a hood and grey Adidas t-shirt underneath and black jeans. He is yawning a lot.

It’s alleged that an extremely intoxicated Mannie Spence was struck with blows by Armand Cummings in a Shasta trailer strewn with garbage and cigarette butts at 77 Court Street South on Sept 15, 2016.

An extreme intensive and thorough investigation was done by Thunder Bay Police Services and as a result, ARMAND GEORGE CUMMING was arrested at 321 Ambrose Street and charged at 2:20 am on September 17, 2016 in the manslaughter death of Mannie Spence.

CUMMIMGS has a history of violence and violating his bail conditions. He was arrested last week on an alleged aggravated assault and earlier this year on shoplifting charges. He also has a failure to appear in court.

Justice Valente ruled that the case while circumstantial still had enough evidence for a potential conviction.



HISTORY article dated October 6th, 2018:

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A 43-year-old Armand Cummings was arrested for an alleged brutal assault that took place in Thunder Bay on October 5th, 2018.


His Worship, Justice of the Peace Bernard Caron is presiding, along with Gordon Fillmore as the Crown Attorney, and Lianne Roberge & Arturo Acosta as duty counsel lawyers.

Cummings appeared by video in bail court from the Thunder Bay Police Service station. He was sporting a grey “Addidas” shirt and was stretching and yawning for most of the proceeding.


Cummings is facing the following charge:

  • Aggravated Assault

He was released on recognizance, due to allegations of manslaughter. Justice Valente is expected to make a decision on that case this October 9th.

The Crown is opposed to his release, as this is a reverse onus situation, and intends to put Cummings to his onus.

Furthermore, the Crown requests that Cummings be ordered not to contact the complainant in the alleged aggravated assault while in custody.

Duty counsel requests the matter be remanded until his October 9th date, to be spoken to during his manslaughter decision.

Justice of the Peace Caron orders Cummings not to contact or communicate with his alleged victim while in custody and remands him into custody until his October 9th appearance.

Cummings was sent back to his cell, where he will await prisoner transport to the Thunder Bay District Jail. He is scheduled to remain there until at least October 9th.

Police issued the following media release on Monday morning.

Patrol officers responded to an assault in progress on West Arthur Street just before 8:00 p.m. on October 5, 2018.

When officers arrived they located the 23-year-old male victim and three individuals in the area. The victim was taken to hospital by ambulance for medical treatment. Information obtained from witnesses resulted in a 43-year-old Thunder Bay male being taken into custody.

Armand George Cummings has been charged with Aggravated Assault. He appeared in court this weekend and was remanded into custody.


6 Replies to “Wanted Wednesday Star Arrested Yet Again”

  1. As a tax payer I am more than sick and tired of these never ending, uncaring and un motivated criminals who repeatedly take from society.
    They care not.
    But their entitlement is strong!
    They never have to “pay”- in many ways and are obviously satisfied with being acknowledged for the skids they are- taking from others, never giving to society.
    What is to be done? Are we to pay and pay and pay forever for them?
    The “laws” and the liberal politically correct appear to say so-
    Its a self defeating never ending exercise in futility- taking in many ways from society.
    A complete lost cause.
    And those who console themselves by blaming the white man, bc nothing is ever their responsibility.
    And those who console themselves bc they know they will be cared for by “others” and need no responsibility.

    1. 10-90-100.
      The irony is that those they hate so much are solely the ones that pays for their welfare. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

  2. Why are you two making this into a racial issue? Just because this scoundrel is probably native has no bearing on the case. I don’t read anything in this story that indicates the accused is looking for special treatment or entitlement due to his race.

    1. Laura:


      Are you so oblivious to reality that you don’t see who’s committing the vast preponderance of the crime in Dumpster Bay?

      10% of the population commits 90% of the crime 100% of the time. Do you not see the elephant in the room?

    2. Rex is ignorant. Don’t feed him the opportunity to write anymore than he already does. He’s likely someone who blames all of his problems on other people and people’s.

  3. Rex, I certainly know what going on and while I agree that the Indiginous population seem to commit an inordinate amount of the criminal activity. Having stated that it is also true that the majority of the Indiginous population are law abiding and it is unfair to making statements regarding someone’s race when it is not a factor in the facts of the crime. Racial origins have nothing to do with the propensity for criminal behaviour and it is racist to suggest otherwise. The reasons for the Indiginous criminal activity are complex and people of any race in similar circumstances would exhibit similar behaviour in the same proportion. I lived in remote Cree and Inuit communities in the 1960’s and know that these criminal behaviour are a fairly recent phenomenon. Merry Christmas.

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