WANTED: Sexual Assault of a Child


(KAKABEKA, ON) – It’s absolutely disgusting when sexual predators target children and damage them, often for the rest of their lives.

Police are currently looking to slap hand cuffs on 37-year-old Jon “Sniffarelli” Ciffarelli.


Allegations Ciffarelli is facing surround the grooming and sexual interference of a child under 16 years of age. He is also facing further allegations of sexual assaulting the same child.

Ciffarelli has a long history surrounding substance abuse and exploiting anyone he comes into contact with. Noteable mention is that he has no teeth.

There is concerns that there may be more victims. Please, reach out to the police if you have been victimized by him.

Tattoos on Ciffarelli

Police have been attempting to arrest Ciffarelli at his home located in Kakabeka Falls at 19 Dorothy. He is alleged to have lured children to this home for the purpose of committing sexual crimes.

He is also known to flee the city when facing criminal matters. He lived out west in various locations for periods of time which included Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

Ciffarelli is considered violent and dangerous. If you see him, DO NOT APPROACH. Call 911 immediately and report his location.


11 Replies to “WANTED: Sexual Assault of a Child”

  1. He is very dangerous. He picked me up by my throat and slammed me on my still choking me. Yes this matter was dealt with. But I’m a women and he had no problem with hurting me. Stay clear of him if he’s on drugs he has no care in the world. He use to be such a nice guy.

    1. Oh he’s missing a mouth full of teeth? No problem. The Louisville Slugger isn’t picky, it can smash something out off his face

  2. I’d love to run into this ass clown put in Kakabeka. I promise, noone would miss you (unless they are sick fucks like this pedophile)

  3. I hope that they catch him soon we do not need anyone like him around. When they catch him and they will eventually I hope they lock him up and maybe lose the key so he will be there forever he does not need to be walking the streets and hurting more children.

    1. I suspect the authorities won’t be looking too hard for this pervert.

      Due to the virus issue, the courts are letting more people out of jail than they are putting in. They’re letting the criminals out of jail to protect “them” from possible Covid-19 exposure. A huge mistake!

      Criminals have no respect for the law. Why would anyone with half a brain think that they’d obey social distancing requirements? These lowlife criminals, drunks, druggers and drug dealers will likely be responsible for spreading more Covid-19 than any other sector of society. By protecting the criminals, the courts have increased the danger to the general public exponentially. Once again, criminals being given priority over the safety of the public.

      Can’t believe how unbelievably short sighted and stupid judicial authorities can be………

  4. I have said this for years. What this town needs is an underground vigilante group to take care of some of the issues in this town (example this freak above) as our police are so limited with what they can do especially now with their body cams. It would only require a small group of people who realize and understand this need and who are not afraid of these pieces of cap rather see this job as necessity for the survival of this city before it is totally taken over especially by the scumbags from Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, etc. Now I know some of you’s will be up in arms st me for mentioning it and what I would say to you is turn around and walk away, and when your child gets raped and killed,lured into the drug and/or criminal scene or any other situation do not cry publicly because no one will care. The jails are so full they are now releasing pretty much anyone who did not commit murder. No place on this site for do gooders. How’s that working for you?? (being a do gooder) Anyways just suggesting…………………………….any takers????

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