Violent Home Invasion / Robbery Lands Man Behind Bars


(SUMMER BEAVER, ON) – A home invasion typically means that a person broke into a home while someone was in the home and then committed a criminal offence, most often with violence.

Allegations are that 19-year-old Eric Dwayne Nishnapaise broke into a residence on the First Nation of Summer Beaver on January 23rd, 2020. While in the home, he is alleged to have committed robbery and used a substantial amount of violence during the incident. He was already out on bail for outstanding charges and was put on a probation order near the end of November 2019.


Nishnapaise appeared in a Thunder Bay Courthouse courtroom this morning via telephone call while in the custody of the Nishnawbe Aski Police Service. Justice of the Peace Ray Zuiliani was present along with Crown Attorney Katrina VanKessel and skilled criminal defence lawyer Emily Morris who was filling the role of duty counsel. Mr. Budd, a law student, was present on behalf of expert criminal defence lawyer David Pierce.

Nishnapaise is facing the following criminal charges:

  • Breaching bail conditions.
  • Robbery with violence.
  • Breach and enter with intent to commit an indictable offence.
  • Breaching a probation order made on November 28th, 2019.

Nishnapaise did have an outstanding assault charge but it was recently disposed of. He is still going through court for a failure to comply with a court order. The Crown does not consent to Nishnapaise’s release today and puts a request forward which would prohibit him from contacting a number of people while he is in jail.


Budd requests the matter to return to court on Monday. Both requests are granted and Nishnapaise is held in jail until at least his Monday court date.


8 Replies to “Violent Home Invasion / Robbery Lands Man Behind Bars”

  1. These ppl who have no respect for others should be permanently locked away.
    There is next to zero chance they will be “rehabilitated” ( as the liberals are fond of).
    And reserves should be prevented from banning trouble makers from their communities- we cant ban them from ours or we are called racist.
    Take responsibility for your own. Deal with them in your cries for “self govt” and pick up the tabs for costs yourselves.

    1. Yes Mark , reserves banish their unwanted to the cities but still collect from the Feds as if they were still there . Where do you think that extra money goes ?

  2. If they want real justice, they shouldn’t be relying on our courts. They should manage the issue in their traditional way. Tie the prick to a tree out in the middle of know where and see what. comes to eat him.

  3. Thank eff it happened in another shit hole and not our shit hole city.
    As for the perp… please Fiddler don’t send this scum our way.
    We can’t take any more of your unwanteds.

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