VIDEOS – Two Liquor Stores Ransacked


(WINNIPEG, MB) – Liquor stores are being ransacked at an alarming rate in the province of Manitoba. Many retailers outside of the alcohol market are also feeling the pinch as theft has skyrocketed.

Liquor thefts have went up in the province from a few hundred per year to over a few thousand per year from 2017 to 2018. 2019’s numbers are not in yet but a similar jump year-to-year is expected.


A recent rash of thefts, where a group of people enter the liquor store, hiding their faces and carrying reusable shopping bags, grab as many bottles as they can carry before fleeing the scene.

Police have managed to make limited arrests in these situations, but they apparently cannot stop all of them.

This type of organized group-heist has not reportedly happened in Thunder Bay as of yet. We believe that the LCBO and Beer Store at the Thunder Centre, LCBO Dawson Road and the LCBO on Arthur beside Metro are most likely to fall victim to this tactic.


It has been made public knowledge that security guards are under a “no touch” policy, causing brazen thefts to run rampant.

Both videos sourced from Facebook.


3 Replies to “VIDEOS – Two Liquor Stores Ransacked”

  1. Did that shit bag in the first video try to mace the place on the way out?!

    In the second video at least they were all very polite robbers.
    One even said thank you on the way out.

  2. The no touch policy needs to be changed…….. Otherwise everybody’s going to be paying a whole lot more for liquor and other products to compensate for all the loss

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