VIDEOS – All Hell Breaks Loose at South Side Renco’s


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Earlier this evening, an incident unfolded in the south downtown core near Victoriaville Mall.

Videos that were submitted to us show a struggle ensuing and a woman attempting to escape being detained.


Our speculation leads us to believe a shoplifter may have been detained and was trying to escape.

The videos show security and police on location handling the scene.

Some patrons in the area can be seen visibly upset


The 2 videos are below. Anyone with additional information about this incident are asked to contact us immediately by text at 807-355-8917 or email at




7 Replies to “VIDEOS – All Hell Breaks Loose at South Side Renco’s”

  1. What a disgusting toilet Dumpster Bay has become with so much of this lowlife criminal element putting on such shameless displays out in public.

    Can you imagine the thoughts of a person from out of town witnessing this kind of activity while out shopping? The drugs and booze crews are destroying this town.

  2. It’s because of fucking idiots like that blonde hag arguing with the security guard, that our entire society is completely fucked.
    Oh your hurting the criminal. The criminal is feeling uncomfortable. The piece of shit junkie criminal is only trying to feed her addiction, it’s a disease…

    Don’t know what’s worse, the low lives committing the crime or the idiots twats like her

    1. Good post.
      Like when you see a takedown and someone is continuously whining that “they didnt do nothin”, when everyone there (including the whiner) knows that they did.
      Modern day street theatre I guess.

  3. The cost of food goes up because of these crackheads and the normal citizens are the ones who pay. That is how you detain someone and put them under citizens arrest. Good job.

  4. Bigchief I completely agree with you. Enough of all these thiefs getting away with a wrist slap to just go out and go do the same thing again. If this person had stopped when asked there would be no need for them to be treated this way and putting on a big show to gain sympathy. If you have a complaint, step to the side, wait til the situation is under control and the police arrive and then get in their face with all your yelling and see how you make out. Let security and the police do their job; its a shitty enough job with the courts just letting the criminals out like a revolving door. I can guarantee if this thief had grabbed for your purse you’d be doing everything you could to stop them too!

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