VIDEO – Violence Erupts at Brock and Ford


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The intersection of Brock and Ford saw some violence erupt this evening as two men appeared to have a dispute.
In a video submitted through our anonymous tip line, we can see two men pestering each other before their hands get thrown at each other.
Interestingly enough, yet not surprising, a person can be seen in the background of the fight, watching casually from their window, seemingly unsurprised.
Random violence erupting is common place in not only Thunder Bay, but many cities across Canada and the United States.
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Below is the video which abruptly ends as the camera man contacted police.

When a witness was asked what happened after the video, we were told “They jarred at each other for a few more minutes. Some woman started yelling at them that she was calling the cops right now so they walked their separate ways. The one guy that was on top had his kid with him…Might have been 12. I guess it was all due to some sort of domestic incident that happened previously”


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