(VIDEO) – Topless Man Spotted at LCBO, Kicked Off City Bus


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A man who was topless and at the centre of a standoff-like situation at the Thunder Centre (A.K.A. “Mini Florida”) LCBO location was spotted by an observant citizen after the situation unfolded.
Our source tells us that the man got on the city bus near Intercity Shopping Centre, smelling heavily of alcohol and stumbling during his walk to his seat.
The mans eyes are said to have been significantly cross-eyed and his behaviour was consistent with someone that was intoxicated from consuming alcohol. Our source says that they observed the man to be sweating substantially with a blank stare in his eyes.

The city bus stopped near the Wal-Mart Supercentre as a City of Thunder Bay truck pulled up along the city bus. The person in that vehicle entered the bus and requested that the man exit the bus.
After the male exited the bus without incident, he was observed staring at passing vehicles and started to stumble away from the bus and city worker. Most likely, paramedics were called to assist the man.
Alcohol abuse is a serious issue impacting residents of Thunder Bay and across the region. There is help, if you just reach out for it. Dial 807-684-1880 and ask the staff at the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre about how you can start the journey to sobriety, whether your issue is with alcohol or drug use.
If you see someone who is intoxicated to the point they seem to be a danger to themselves or others, you have options. Dial 911 if there is an immediate danger. Alternatively, and if within their operation hours, you can call the Shelter House and request their SOS van come and assess the situation. The Shelter House’s number is 807-623-8182.