VIDEO – Suspected Impaired Driver Causes Two Collisions


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Late this afternoon, two collisions unfolded on Red River Road and then on Dawson.

Members of the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS), Superior North EMS, and Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue (TBFR) responded to the scene and sorted out the mess.


The first collision took place near the corner of Red River Road and River Street. The second, moments later, took place at Dawson and Strand.

The driver of a vehicle caught both incidents on his dashcam. Len Jaroli shared the intense events that unfolded in front of him.

He managed to capture the second collision on his camera after only hearing the “boom” happen behind him during the first collision. It appears the driver was going to attempt to flee the scene of the second collision.


Impaired driving is highly suspected. Below is the video. Fast forward if you wish to jump right to the second crash.


9 Replies to “VIDEO – Suspected Impaired Driver Causes Two Collisions”

  1. Look how run down the City looks. Lots have changed in the past few years. How do you people live there? Ever depressing.

    1. You think it looks bad? Come and live with the disgusting, welfare scamming, drug dealing lowlife that have taken the place over.

      There’s only pockets of safe zones, mostly on the outer limits of the city where the judges, lawyers, cops, city managers and doctors live. The downtown sections are drug and criminal infested rat holes. The inner core residential areas are gangland war zones with all kinds of bad shit going on.

      Then there’s the places where the rats and other vermin go to shit – Limbrick, Picton and Academy areas in particular. Nothing but diseased, drugged, drunk welfare scammers using children to keep them from going to jail.

      Dumpster Bay has seen much better days. Now it’s beyond recognition nor salvation. Almost 25% of the population needs to be eradicated to get the place anywhere near normal.

      If you ever lived in DB, you were wise to leave.

  2. A friend of mine who works at the landmark told me that the cops came there and said that some kids was driving 100 in a 50 zone and hit a bunch of cars and then hung himself. Also said he definitely had alcohol in his system? Is this true?

    1. Are u serious? Why the fuck are u asking if it’s TRUE? So u can go gossip about it with ur friends and family because u have nothing else to talk about? That’s someone’s fucking child u fucking dumb ass … worry about other shit other than aa a kid who lost his fucking life for being under the influence … jeez..

  3. Too bad he didn’t let the shit head drunk out on the driver’s side to get a good look at the asshole.

    Good work by the citizen who captured this on video. The evidence will be useful in court.

  4. It is POS like this that makes our roads very dangerous to drive on even in broad daylight. And this is happening on a much much more regular basis than most people know. What is it going to take before the laws get severe and punish the hell out of those selfish losers who get behind the wheel all jacked up.? Right now nothing is deterring them at all. Lucky the gentleman had recorded this on his dash cam. I highly recommend all drivers in this city get a dashcam cause you just dont know when (NOT IF) you are going to be the next victim. Pino, thanks for exposing what is really taking place in this town. PS Too bad that loser had not smashed into a truck with some very bad dudes in it and they hopped out and administered their own justice prior to the cops arriving.

    1. Been using a dash cam for years. The video doesn’t lie. They’re not particularly expensive if you buy one off of Amazon. $120.00 will get you a pretty good camera.

      I also use game cameras placed strategically around the place to record activity. They’re also very useful for collecting evidence and they’re not too expensive either if bought online.

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