VIDEO: Suspect Caught on Camera During B&E Food Heist


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – On Sunday, January 19th, 2020, at approximately 10:52 am a window of The River Prayer and Worship Centre was destroyed and a male gained entry to the building.

The centre is known for helping members of the community that are in need of not only food but other items as well even tho they have a very limited budget in which to get these good deeds done.


One the suspect entered the building, they rushed to the back where the food was stored and quickly started stealing various items such as weiners, a turkey, 2 large tubs of margarine, some pizzas, as well as a bin in which they placed all the stolen food. The centre uses these items for their Friday meals they put on for the community as well as snacks during other sessions and programs they host. Don’t fool yourself, this guy was stealing food to feed an out of control addiction, not himself or anyone else.

“It’s very disheartening that someone felt the need to break in to get food! We have been here for almost 5 years now and have always done our best to help the people in the community.” A spokesperson with the centre said.


“The cost of replacing this window far outweighs the loss of the bin of frozen food this person took… We are asking the public to please take a look at this person’s hand… we don’t recognize it, but it looks like a tattoo, however this person obviously, from seeing the camera footage, came in with one intent, headed straight for the back room and freezers, and quickly exited out the front door with the filled bin. If you know this person, or heard anything, please contact us… we would like to talk to this person. Thank you so much. Blessings”


Police are also aware of the situation and are investigating the incident. If you or anyone you know has information regarding who this is and would rather speak to the police, please contact them at 807-684-1200. If you wish to remain anonymous and would like a chance at winning up to $2000 in Crime Stoppers reward money for turning this suspect into the cops, check out the Crime Stoppers website at


5 Replies to “VIDEO: Suspect Caught on Camera During B&E Food Heist”

  1. Nice of the dirty rotten snake bastard to close the freezers. I guess he’ll be back for the rest.

    Dumpster Bay is crawling with these disgusting drug fuelled lowlife thieving criminal turds.

  2. Fuk talking to the guy, if you see him, shoot him. This waste of life has no business living. He looks like just another scab you see walking the streets of Dumpster Bay

    Come for the welfare, stay for the free food, pussy citizens and bandana over mouth wanna be gangstas

  3. Don”t be gullible can’t help or trust people on these hard drugs they’ll just F you over every time.

  4. How low can a scumbag go? There are just no words adequate to describe someone so evil stealing food that is used to feed people who can not afford a decent meal. This town is one huge toilet full of POS like that. This creep must have used that centre because he knows his way around the room quite efficiently. If it ever gets caught I would certainly hope the judge will throw the book at it and that it must pay back the centre for that broken well as the stolen food. Too bad the judge can not also impose that this POS goes hungry in jail for three days. .

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