VIDEO – Superstore Liquor Mart Heist


(WINNIPEG, MB) – Yet again, making it a number of times in the past couple of days, a group of people have stormed a Liquor Mart in Winnipeg, making off with a substantial amount of booze.
Not long ago, a United States male made a Facebook event calling on everyone to “Storm Area 51” in an effort to “See them aliens”. The idea is that “They can’t stop all of us”. That event did play out, and nobody made it in and anyone who came close was stopped immediately.
Well, people appear to be applying the same train of thought to their liquor heist efforts. Never before seen amounts of alcohol is being jacked straight out of liquor stores. The “No touch” policy enacted by government and stores has resulted in thieves loading up reusable shopping bags and fleeing the scene, almost completely unbothered.
One woman in the video appears to make an attempt to stop a thug from making off with his loot. The male heist suspect seems to throw some hands at the woman while the man who took the video calls for her to let her go.
Attempting to interject in a crime-in-progress is not wise. Stores have insurance and when it really boils down to it, you are saving a company a few dollars and risking your own health in the process. Who knows what kinds of needles with what types of diseases these criminal scum have in their pockets.
Below is the video of the latest Liquor Mart heist, which occured in Winnipeg at the Superstore on St James.