VIDEO: Reported Assault Nets Trap House Bust


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yesterday, we broke the story first about a trap house in the 500 block of Syndicate Ave South getting popped by the police.

Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) swarmed the house with numerous cruisers (video below) and arrested 5 people.


Morgan Romelle, a suspected gangster from Toronto, Ontario, was arrested and charged with possession of proceeds of crime (Canadian currency) exceeding $5000. He was transported along with the other 4 people to the Thunder Bay Police Service headquarters located at 1200 Balmoral Street. Romelle was held in police custody pending a court appearance while the other 4 people were released by police.

This morning, His Worship, Senior Regional Justice of the Peace Bernard Caron was presiding over court along with hardened Crown Attorney P. Pasloski and duty counsel lawyer Justin McConnell.

Crown Attorney Pasloski denied Romelle’s release this morning and told the court that the Crown’s office intends to show the courts why he should remain in jail. A request that Romelle not contact his co-accused is put forth. His co-accused are:

  • Sandra Martin.
  • Paige McMuldroch (pictured left).
  • Kathleen Wright (pictured right).
  • Luis Laguillona.

What’s next to her lighter?

Romelle was ordered to remain in jail at least until his next scheduled court appearance on Monday, January 13th, 2020.

Anyone with photos of Martin, Laguillona or Romelle, please reach out to us via text at 807-355-8917 or email at


8 Replies to “VIDEO: Reported Assault Nets Trap House Bust”

  1. Great work by all police involved to take these turds off the street.

    Couple real lookers there.

    That green haired thing needs to lay off the pork chops for a few months. She’s got the thighs of a Sumo wrestler.

    WTF is that outfit all about? Seems she’s cracked out delusional. Get a mirror that goes all the way to the floor before taking pics like that FFS.

    The other skank looks likes three sheets to the wind. Caught “red handed”!

    1. ah well im sorry the way i looked when i was sober offends you so badly… didnt realize being a pudgy pot head with a hobby of rave dancing was worse than what im doing now…

    1. Hahahaha, fuckin send it!

      Serves her right, she ripped off a buncha people and ran straight to that trap with their money. Karmas a biiiitch, right Sandra? Pffft

  2. I miss the way our town use to be 20 years ago. I’m well aware that crime existed back then but the facts are that it’s completely out of control now. Whenever I go out of town if I’m asked when I live I tell them southern Ontario because I’m so ashamed of this hellhole and the reputation it has. A couple years ago I made the mistake and told a few people I was from Thunder Bay and the look on their faces was as if they just smelled fresh shit! They all said it’s Canada’s version of Detroit…and I had to agree with them. What else I’ve noticed is when flying back from say..Montreal to Toronto to Thunder Bay, from Montreal to Toronto the people look nice. They dress nice, smell nice, look nice, their hair is done. Then you go from Toronto to Thunder Bay and its sad..I’m fact it’s down right pathetic. People are in PJ’s, they STINK to the point the entire plane reeks (you can see it on the flight attendants faces) hair isn’t done. It’s like a heard of people that lived by a nuclear waste dump just got on board and it makes me sad that 98% of the people have zero self pride. You don’t need to have money to be clean! To run a brush or comb through ones hair! To buy deodorant! Than you read the news about what’s going on in this hellhole and it’s the same everyday. Overdose. Drug bust. Guns. Murder. Fentanyl. Narcan shots. LCBO theft. Mac’s robbed. It goes on and on, the same shit EVERY SINGLE DAY! Then the city wants to raise taxes by 3-5%!?!? For what?? Why?? This town needs to CUT taxes to try and attract some normal people to move here and hopefully change things around here. However until the crime problem gets under control not many people want to come here to start a life, or a family. The police are doing a bang up job but it’s the courts that need to start putting their foot down and locking up these asshole drug dealers from T.O and not just hand out “promise to appear” because those are only good for HONEST people and not the scum of the earth. People like Paige in the photograph, with the green hair..and that outfit! What the hell is it even supposed to be? Her waist looks like it’s her ass!! As for Kathleen…seriously…A HUGE rock of crack?!?!?! These woman…and I know there have always been woman addicted to drugs…but this town has so many people screwed right up on ANYTHING they can get their dirty mangy hands on its HONEST to God shameful!! I was born in this town in 1980. I remember when it was beautiful. I remember how exciting downtown was…Eaton’s, Keskus, Kresge’s, Zellars, the Appolon restaurant, all the shops and banks. All the elevators OPENED! Also…the LPH was OPENED! When they started closing it down and letting all those people loose I remember downtown changing. Maybe it’s FINALLY time to renovate the God Damn thing and start filling it up with junkies and people with mental illnesses and start helping these people. Maybe even CURE them!! As for the drug dealers coming in from T.O…throw the book at the bastards! Make others like them think twice about coming here and setting up shop! This to get FIXED! Until it does I’m going to continue to call this home town..a hellhole and lie to people about where I live when I’m out of town!

    1. Michael, I also will not tell people I am from Thunder Bay because of the negative reactions I get if I admit I am from here even as far away as northern BC. Can somebody please explain exactly what these politicians and NAN leaders here are actually being paid for? To pick their noses clean??? Not one of them has even attempted to put an end to the misery here. Not one of them has come forward with any viable solutions to deal with the trash that is taking place minute by minute here. No comments from NAN leaders on the climbing numbers of Natives being killed by their own brothers and sisters but tons of accusations by them and laying the blame on everyone except the actual culprits. Just a lot of wineing ( the spelling is intentional) and bitching and projecting from them. If the people are lucky to even just hear a politician even acknowledge the crime here, it is the same as sprinkling sugar on a pile of cow shit and calling it a cupcake. They have let it go far too long and now they can not even begin to get a handle on it. Such a festering and filthy toilet this town is now thanks to those useless twits who were selected to oversee the governing of this place and all the trash that brought itself into this place.

    2. You shouldnt shame a person because of how they dress. If their attire does not meet your standards, it is because you have been indoctrinated to believe that a certain way of presenting one’s self is superior to others. This is the result of the consumerist, capitolist society we live in. Bigots like yourself that think they are better than others and wish to publicly shame people to boost their own ego. Here’s some truth for you: junkies are actually called addicts. Addiction is a disease. It is treatable. Fortunately for you, so is your attitude. Spend a day in the shoes of someone who is honeless, addicted, and suffering from mental illness or traumas that affect their way of thinking and their behaviours.

      The only thing intelligent that you said is that there needs to be treatment options for the addicts and harsher punishments for these gang affiliated hustlers turning our vulnerable young women into addicts and using their homes to run trap houses.

      What happened to smoking weed and eating mushrooms….lol, these gangs dont even have good dope. Prayers to all those suffering from this southern crime wave.

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