(VIDEO) – REAL Concerned Citizen Shoo’s Thieves Away


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The daily routine for most people is to wake up in the morning, get ready for the day and do productive stuff until they fall asleep in the evening, just to do it again tomorrow. Some people wake up in the evening, skip the shower, shoot drugs or drink alcohol then surf neighbourhoods, checking if car doors and back yards are accessible. They then proceed to steal what they think can fetch them their next hit or sip.
Thunder Bay is not unique in this issue, this happens across the country and will only intensify with the methamphetamine epidemic that is raging across the region.
A REAL Concerned Citizen spoke to TRCCTB.COM on condition of anonymity about a recent event that occured in his neighbourhood. He tells us that a creepy looking van was lurking around his area with an older male driving while a few younger males would get out and run into peoples yards. The van would stay close to the foot patrol guys as they checked houses and cars. The van is suspected to be a getaway vehicle, should someone come out of a house.
Our source gave these crooks heck and repeatedly told them to leave. The driver of the vehicle seems to try and manipulate our source by asking “are they?” when he points out the foot patrol guys are with them.
The recommended course of action by police is to call the police when this activity is spotted in your neighbourhood. That van likely contained numerous stolen items. It appears our local thief population is evolving.
Below is the video.


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  1. Awesome job!
    Woulda been nice if there was a a smashed window on the get away van, and possibly 2 junkies heads smashed in.
    Teach these low lives a lesson.

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