VIDEO – Police Layin’ The SMACK DOWN


(NEW YORK, NY) – Video that has been widely circulated on various social media platforms shows an incident that erupted in a New York city subway in which police and citizens clash.
A number of arrests have been made following a significant incident that unfolded in a New York city subway. Officers as well as citizens were spotted throwing hands and landing some solid punches on each other.
In a country like the United States of America, where gun violence appears to be getting worse and worse, not a single shot is fired in the minutes long video.
The video does not show every angle of every interaction, but what is clear is that some beatings were laid and some hands were thrown and cuffed.
The New York Police Department have yet, as the time of publishing, to make a statement regarding the incident.
Below is the video:


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  1. The asshole taping this and screaming “He didn’t do nothing” X2000 is a complete idiot because that guy CLEARLY punched the officer in the face. Fricken animals!

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