VIDEO: Picton Ave Child Tax Day Violence Erupts


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – To almost no one’s surprise, child tax day has resulted in some ruckus on Picton Ave after the sun went down.

A resident in the area who is deeply concerned for the area tells us that there was a group of people shouting and hollering down the street but that the main confrontation was between two women.

Noises consistent with fighting could be heard echoing through the neighbourhood along with screaming and threats of further violence. The group appeared to be headed towards Red River Road and once at Walkover, first responders hit the scene.

Initially, members with the Thunder Bay Police Service, Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue and Superior North EMS all responded to the scene and were on Picton Ave, away from the group. The black car is a Pizza Hut delivery vehicle that was delivering some child tax goodness.

Soon after, first responders made their way up Picton, closer to Walkover, where the group was. Assaultive behaviour was happening before they arrived. Firefighters cleared the scene but not before using a spotlight to assist in a brief search for the group of child tax day hooligans.

Once police made contact with the group and spoke to a number of them, they soon turned their attention to a home in the 80’s block of Picton Ave. A number of additional police cruisers attended the scene at this point.

This is where the story turns cold, we are uncertain if any arrests were made and what happened next. We are inquiring and hoping information hits our news desk.


10 Replies to “VIDEO: Picton Ave Child Tax Day Violence Erupts”

  1. can someone tell me why fire department is responding to violence calls is that not the job of police.are the cops bring out fire fighters for xtra muscle .maybe they could transfer to police department where help is needed

  2. Just think of this…..

    All of this criminality, drug and alcohol abuse is funded by us tax payers.

    These lazy pricks don’t work. They’re full time, career welfare scammers. It’s the rest of us who have to get up in the morning, put on our boots & winter coat and fight the elements every day to get to work just to support these useless, freeloading bums. Meanwhile they’re laying around drinking, drugging, multiplying like flies to ensure the next generation of FAS affected welfare scammers.

    Our govt seems to actually promote this “welfare state”. Taking more and more out of taxpayers pockets to hand over to these alcohol and drug sucking leeches.

    How long before us workers all just put down the tools and tell the govt to go f*ck themselves. We’ve had enough of these freeloading bastards bleeding us dry. Put those useless pieces of shit to work for once.

  3. Wow! Although a senior who doesn’t get a Child Benefit Tax I guess it would be very unwise to order a pizza with home deliver lest I be chastised for receiving Old Age Pension.

    1. Laura Most of the seniors today came from a background where they worked hard to get their benefits. Nothing was handed out to them. Unfortunately, there just happens to be another generation today that have benefitted as well from all the hard work of those seniors and far too many of those recipients have this sense of entiltlement and think the world owes them a paycheck. I am saying many of those who use welfare, NOT ALL of them. Why work when you do not have to? Those parasites also know that as long as they can pop out kid after kid the benefits for themselves increases substantially. They dont give a rip about what happens to those kids because to them the offspring are nothing more than just a monthly pecker cheque. So if you personally feel that you do not fall within the category of those common parasites, then by all means order up as many pizza’s as you like. No one will fault you for it.

  4. WTF does child tax credit have to do with this? Are you 100% sure that’s what caused this? I’m not .. this shit happens every day of the week ? Awesome job with journalism investigation !
    Shooting from the hip? Don’t shoot yourself in the foot . Just sayin


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