(THUNDER BAY, ON) – As is tradition, almost every part of Thunder Bay has been hit by car hoppers in the last week.
”Car hopping” is the criminal activity where lurkers creep around neighbourhoods attempting to gain access to cars and homes. If access is gained, the car hoppers will steal anything that they see as valuable.
Most car hoppers will seek out unlocked doors and quietly steal from anything left vulnerable. More brazen thieves will smash windows to gain access should they believe its worth it.
Car hopping is a criminal activity most often driven by uncontrolled addictions that have pushed criminals into an irresistible mission to obtain more drugs.
No neighbourhood of Thunder Bay is immune to this plague. It is recommended to never leave anything of value in your vehicle.
Below is the video:


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  1. More people should be setting up simple trail cameras in their yards to record these thieving lowlifes. They can be bought for as cheap as $60.00 on Amazon. Better ones will do video with sound and the images are pretty good.

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