VIDEO: Nipigon Crime Spree Suspects Hit Thunder Bay


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The Nipigon and Lake Helen First Nation areas were hit overnight and early this morning by a crime spree.

The criminals responsible were not only car-hopping, but breaking into homes and stealing various items.


Video obtained by TRCC News shows a possible female purchasing items from a Nipigon area store with a stolen financial card.

Sources at Wal-Mart on Dawson Road tell us that the same suspect ransacked the store and fled the scene through an emergency exit. They had stolen items under their arms. This unfolded around 1:00 pm.

These criminals are not believed to be from our region. It is possible they are partaking in a new fad called “crimecation”, where criminals go on vacation to new areas and commit crimes.


This is a developing story and we will keep you updated.


7 Replies to “VIDEO: Nipigon Crime Spree Suspects Hit Thunder Bay”

  1. Hmm.. always some weird shit going on in and around this town. Wait until spring time rolls around. Gonna be smelling a whole lot of dog shit along with seeing the zombies rise and start going in back yards

  2. Spring time in Thunder Bay:

    Come for the smell of dog shit, people drinking outside around the Marina, Intercity and ofcourse, floodways. Leave with your cars and yards ransacked while the 40-50 HOUR a WEEK working man is sleeping, getting ready to go to work the next day. God damn welfare scamming alcohol and women abusing scum bags. YOU know who YOU are.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I’m well aware how it ended. I know the woman in the photo that’s why I asked. I’m shocked to see this, I live 24 hours away. I see updates on new info.

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