VIDEO: New Details Emerge Regarding Renco’s Theft


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A recent shoplifting incident in which the aftermath was caught on video has had some new details revealed to us.

But first, here is our initial coverage dated November 30th, 2019.


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Last night, allegations arose that a woman stole items from the south side Renco’s grocery store. A portion of the incident was caught on video (posted later in the article).


After a struggle was caught on camera, police  arrived and arrested 27-year-old Caroline Eileen Finlayson and held her in custody. Further, Finlayson was on a “conditional sentence order”, which is when criminals get to serve their jail sentence at home, similar to a “house arrest”. A warrant for her arrest was issued “quite some time ago” when allegations arose that she breached that “house arrest” order.

Finlayson appeared in a Thunder Bay courtroom this morning via video link while in police custody at the Thunder Bay Police Service station. Justice of the Peace Bruce Leaman was presiding along with Crown Attorney Derrick “The HAMMER” Silvestro and the very talented duo filling the duty counsel position Emily Morris and Brennan Sacevich.


Finlayson is facing the following charges:

  • Theft under $5000 (Renco’s).
  • Assault with intent to resist lawful arrest.
  • Breaching a probation order made on October 31, 2019 (keep the peace and be of good behaviour).

The Crown is sternly opposed to the release of Finlayson today, Silvestro throws down the HAMMER. Finlayson refused to speak with duty counsel today as well.

She is being remanded into custody and will remain in jail at least until her next scheduled court date set for Monday, December 2nd, 2019.

Below are the videos from the incident at Renco’s yesterday evening.


Sources indicate that the Caroline Finlayson had allegedly stolen a single chocolate bar from the Renco’s located in Centennial Square, next to Victoriaville Mall. A loss prevention officer was on duty and decided to pursuit her out of the store.

Some damage was caused to the doors of the store and an arrest was effectively made.

Further, sources say that the loss prevention officer (LPO) was told by management not to do anything about tiny thefts. We have been told that the LPO had been told this on numerous occasions.

That LPO is now believed to be on the hook for the damage to the door, amounting in the hundreds of dollars as well as may lose their job at Renco’s, if they haven’t already.

Theft is a rampant problem plaguing stores all over the city. By neutering LPO’s in their duty will have the expected or ought to be expected result of increased theft.


10 Replies to “VIDEO: New Details Emerge Regarding Renco’s Theft”

  1. Unbelievable justice system…they let murderers out on bail, those that commit serious crimes and have a long list of crimes are also out on bail but a woman that steals a chocolate bar is kept in jail….am i they only one that thinks something is wrong with our justice system???

  2. Renco may as well give the keys to the place to every and any drunk/drugged wino in town. They’re fools not to support their LPO. Why bother having an LPO if they aren’t allowed to do their jobs.

    Renco is making a big mistake. With this news out, their theft problem will grow considerably.

    The shit-for-brains thief got herself into a world of trouble for a measly candy bar. None too smart. Brain lis likely compromised from being born with FAS and life of extensive alcohol and drug abuse.

  3. Man, when I used to work security at Zellers, you stole, we got you. Jump on , tackle and hold ya down till cops came. 90% of the time they never did it again. Oohhh don’t touch me.
    B.S. stealing is stealing!!!

    1. I solved my poverty problems by getting a job.

      The vast majority of these thieves are able bodied lifelong welfare scammers with no intentions of ever working for a living.

      Cut back on easy-to-get welfare in Dumpster Bay and these lowlife thieves will go elsewhere.

  4. Just plain bullshit theft is theft. These lowlifes need a lesson. Boosting is not FINE. Stores may have Insurance but that does not stop them for raising prices on Products that law abiding citizens have to pay for. Period.

  5. Just plain bullshit theft is theft. These lowlifes need a lesson. Boosting is not FINE. Stores may have Insurance but that does not stop them for raising prices on Products that law abiding citizens have to pay for. Period. Fucking crying crackheads.

  6. She is only 27 years old? Father time hasn’t been kind but I’m sure she isn’t the type that has a regiment that’s done before bed every night. Just rode hard and put away wet.

  7. I am desperately trying to avoid shopping here as much as possible for a couple reasons 1/ because of the BS no touch policy that causes me to pay more for my purchases because of their stolen items, 2/ I am beyond fed up with being hassled by crackheads begging me for their next fix every store I try to enter 3/ I am totally disgusted with having to witness degenerates pissing on the street or copulating like animals in broad daylight 4/ I absolutely want to avoid being spit on by sleezy scumbags with a kingsize hate on for certain people and an attitude that matches their gross behavior. 5/ I have a healthy fear of becoming a statistic of some crime because of those wasted junkies 6/ I am aware of all those jacked up zombies behind the wheel just cruising along ready to cause a fatality. A city with a giant heart? Who are you shitting? . This place needs to be changed from murder capital of Canada to Shithole capital of the world.

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