VIDEO: New Details Emerge of the Pet-Tastic Shooting / Stabbing


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Last month, on December 21st, 2019, we received information that two males had caused quite a disturbance in a north-side neighbourhood.


Sources indicated that the two males, who are both brothers, got into an altercation which resulted in one of them being shot and stabbed. The one who got shot and stabbed was fleeing from the gunman and entered Pet-Tastic.


Upon entering, he fled into the bathroom and the gunman shot through the front window of the store, the bullet narrowly missing the cashier and customer that was in the store.

The gunman entered the store demanding to know where the victim was. He left soon after, fleeing to a nearby apartment building where he was ultimately arrested at.

The victim was rushed to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre where he made a recovery. Pet-Tastic was wrapped up in police tape for the day as investigators along with the forensics unit worked hard to piece together as much as they could.


TRCC News has obtained surveillance footage of what happened inside the Pet-Tastic. Below is that footage.

History, article dated December 21st, 2019:

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Earlier today, we broke the story and reported first on the shooting/stabbing incident that took place in the city’s northside.

New details have emerged about what happened in the Pet-Tastic. Sources have told us that two men ran into the store, one with a gun and the other one with various injuries on his body. We have been told that the gun was discharged in the store but we haven’t been able to confirm that.

The injured male was screaming “He’s going to shoot me!!” and was complaining of a gunshot wound to his neck.

Further, he was shouting that he was stabbed as well. The two are apparently brothers.

Police swarmed the Pet-Tastic and started their investigation. The suspect was arrested a short time later near Inchiquin Street and Memorial Ave at a well-known trap-apartment.

Thunder Bay Police Service’s Forensics Unit responded to the scene and conducted their investigation. Police have not released much information as of yet.


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  1. See this is the bulls**t I am talking about. I don’t care what these two piece of shit brothers do to each other, in fact the sooner the better, but when that a**hole shoots through the store window endangering the clerk and customers that is outrageous. This is how they do it though, this is how they live their lives, but why should they put their lifestyle on our family members. Why run into that store and bring harm into that store and onto our families? Get back outside and settle it on your own on the street and make sure no other person gets in the way of your booze, drug, glue, cannister induced stupidity and get it over with.
    I am surprised those brothers are not trying to blame the store owner for their injuries or not protecting them because you know, they have to blame others for their demise.

    1. This was very well said. I agree with this 110%. I wish there was a big underground pit we could throw all these tough guys/ women in and give all the innocent citizens the chance to go and watch. Have free in house beer, food and betting like proline! I would not lose one millisecond of sleep if every junky/ gang members/ POS died today

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