VIDEO – Liquor Store Heist, They Can’t Stop All of us!


(WINNIPEG, MB) – Liquor stores across Winnipeg are now becoming targets of groups of people storming the store and filling bags with booze. Police fail to stop all of them if any.
Manitoba is already dealing with high volumes of theft from their licensed alcohol retail alcohol dispensaries, but now it’s getting way worse.
The idea behind this move is that if police happen to respond, they can’t stop all of them.
Since it’s become common knowledge that security guards can’t get physical with a thief, thefts have skyrocketed. People on location say that a group of people with their hoods up enter the store and started to fill up reusable shopping bags with alcohol before walking past all points of sale and fleeing the scene.
This type of brazen theft has not yet been reported as happening in Thunder Bay to us, yet.
Below is the shocking video.


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  1. I noticed that the thieves were all “Winnipeg’s finest”. Too stupid to even cover their faces.
    Why don’t the store owners just lock the doors so the thieving lowlife can’t leave and wait for the cops?

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