VIDEO – Liquor Mart Liquor Heist, Thefts Continue


(PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, MB) – The Winnipeg Police Service have  reported that liquor store heists are happening between 10 to 20 times a day.
The recent rash of liquor heists have one thing in common, a number of people rush a liquor store, sometimes with hoodies up and reusable shopping bags in tow. Upon entry to the store, the group will ransack shelves, placing alcohol in their bags.
Police have managed to make a few arrests regarding the recent heists, but sadly, most people have managed to thwart authorities.
This style of liquor heist appears to have become popular after the satrical Area 51 raid, where people were supposed to rush area 51 because “they can’t stop all of us”.
Satirical posts went viral on social media where people were jokingly saying “let’s storm the liquor store, they can’t stop all of us”. This, combined with knowledge recently made public that security officers have a “no touch” policy at liquor stores, have resulted in the surge of group-liquor-heists.
Below is the video that was posted to social media by Melanie Menchies showing the Liquor Mart heist that happened earlier today in Portage La Prairie.


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  1. This is disgusting! These people are complete wastes of skin and I hope they all blow out their pancreas, liver, and kidneys or at the least vomit in their sleep while passed out on their back. They don’t even cover their faces anymore…which really says a lot! Back in the old days the shop keeper use to keep a loaded shotgun behind the counter. It’s too bad they can’t still do that because hiring security is pointless considering they can’t even touch let alone hold these thieves until the police arrive.

    1. This is the kind of lawlessness that we get with uber Liberal govts. If you vote for them, you don’t have room to complain.

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