VIDEO – Large Group Liquor Heist, Almost 200 Bottles Stolen


(WINNIPEG, MB) – It appears that numerous people in Winnipeg banded together and stormed a Liquor Mart, heisting hundreds of bottles of various liquors.
Officers with the Winnipeg Police Service have arrested 5 youths after an investigation was commenced. The video shows a group of people ransacking items from the Liquor Mart, most of them wearing hoods and covering their faces.
Police say that they haven’t seen something quite like this. Further they say that this situation is definitely unusual.
Police responded to the Tyndall Liquor Mart located on Keewatin Avenue around 6:20 pm on Wednesday and managed to arrest and detain 5 of the suspects.
The youths that were arrested, range in age from 14 to 16. It is uncertain at this time exactly how many perpetrators were involved in this liquor heist. Almost 200 bottles were stolen during the brazen mega-heist.
Winnipeg police say that this is not the only incident where large swarms of criminals rush a business. This is happening at other retail outlets, not just liquor stores.
This is a trend happening across Canada and not just in Winnipeg.
Liquor stores in Manitoba are facing the same issues as liquor stores in Ontario, out of control thefts. Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries reports that theft incidents are up 300 per cent in 2018 vs 2017. 2017 saw 658 thefts in Manitoba liquor stores to over 2600 in 2018.
Below is the video that was posted to social media:


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  1. Wilding out with fam no lie this is bare jokes. What in the fuck does that even mean. Kids are such losers these days. We would have beat them up in the 90s.

  2. Winnipeg today, Dumpster Bay tomorrow.
    The welfare siren will be drawing in Winnipeg’s trash sooner or later.
    Dumpster Bay: Come for the drugs and booze. Stay for the welfare.

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