UPDATED – VIDEO – Knifepoint Robbery end with Police Gunshots


(WINNIPEG, MB) – Corner stores, liquor stores and various other retail outlets in Winnipeg and across the nation are dealing with a substantial uptick in the number of thefts they have to absorb year over year.


A 7-11 in Winnipeg, Manitoba was robbed at knifepoint this evening at Ellice and Arlington. The incident took place sometime around 5:30, according to sources in the area. First video is below, second video near end of article.


Police have confirmed that they were called around 5:35pm for a robbery in progress. Police arrived on the scene and ended up shooting the suspect. Winnipeg Police Service said that officers only shoot their guns when they feel they have no other option.

Watch Clifford Boulanger’s video below:

Police are uncertain about the age of the suspect at this point and have not identified the robbery suspect / shooting victim.


Officers with the Winnipeg Police Service responded to the call and arrived before the suspect had fled the scene.

The suspect exits the store with a knife in hand. Officers can be heard making a demand for the suspect to drop the knife multiple times. Soon after, the suspect lunges at an officer and gunshots are heard ringing through the area. We have not been able to confirm whether the suspect died from his injuries. People in the area claim it was a younger man who was shot.

The video is below and was submitted to us anonymously. The woman who took the video said “I can’t believe I just witnessed this”. Watch Kachina Desjardins videos below:

Officers initiated life-saving measures soon after the gunshots went off, which is illustrated in the video below.

Police say that the robbery suspect / shooting victim was sent to hospital in critical condition and are uncertain of his current condition. An officer was also injured during the altercation but it was not confirmed if the officer was injured from ricochet bullets or something else.

People close to the suspect believe he died of his injuries. We have not been able to independently verify that information just yet. UPDATE: The suspect has survived so far.

UPDATE at the link below:


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  1. the cop shot him 9 times??? WTF?? then they pile on top of him while he’s on the ground? where do they think he’s gonna go….he just got shot 9 times!!!!

    1. Looks like they were doing CPR. Which, in itself is a joke.

      With that many holes in him, and many probably in his lungs, CPR would likely ensure his demise. If he lived, it would be a miracle. Looked to me like the authorities were making every effort to appear to try to resuscitate the criminal.

  2. Should have let him bleed out. Can’t even go to the 7-11 without these junkies being everywhere. What a sad country we live in.

    1. Your a a ignorant ass squid stop being judgemental junkies are people who hit rock bottom help them instead running ur mouth u fucken goof

  3. It’s sad cops are trained to kill If they weren’t why shoot a mentally I’ll person ,what happen to stun gun or just fuckin shoot him in knee ,really don’t understand guess places are to full and bullets are cheaper.
    Cops need more training there going to continue to kill murder sick people.

    1. People have been stunned and were still able to stab or shoot, an officer should never risk his life by shooting in the knee or arm if he can illuminate the threat then that’s what they do.. these officers have families and loved ones to go home to.
      They are trained to aim for the largest target which is the chest.

    2. If you ever went through firearms training and shot a pistol before it’s actually difficult to shoot a moving target , very difficult let alone a knee. Shooting centre mass is the easiest and most effective to stop the threat with the smallest chance of missing let alone aiming for a leg or knee and then accidentally missing and hitting objects behind the person.
      Tazer isn’t nearly as effective through thick clothing like winter wear.
      The office did perfectly in this and the suspect didn’t listen. That office can safely go home to his family without having been hacked by this f’n nut robbing the 7-11.

  4. Im glad that the police were there….but they jump to the gun to first and fast…Its a knife people….WHY DO THEY CARRY TAXERS FOR IF ALL THERE GOING TO DO IS SHOOT THEM ANYWAY…

    1. Again: This time Sheila
      You need to get your head out of that Hollywood movie nonsense and understand that a man lunging at you with”JUST A KNIFE can still kill you even if shot in the chest, when his adrenalin is driving him.
      A knife is a deadly threat and it is to be met with deadly force or the officer may not be going home to his family at the end of shift.

    2. Tazer not effective through thicker clothing. And he had a lot of warnings to drop the machete. Was very close to the officer so he had to shoot

  5. Eff him.
    I hope it was that disgusting puke that tried being solid in the liquor store by punching that woman in the face.
    Eff him, eff this guy, and eff everyone that’s going to be all like:
    “Albert was a really nice guy and didn’t deserve this. He wouldn’t of hurt no one”…

    1. Maybe some of these
      “People” might learn from this

      They’re closing down our stores becuz of theft and they are not children Any one can go and take things off a shelf and walk out.
      Be a real ganster and robs banks.
      About time they were treated like bank robbers.
      No sympathy here.

  6. If someone was about to take your head off with a damn machete wouldnt you shoot them too?? People need to quit blaming everything on mental illness and start holding people accountable!

  7. It seems pretty clear that the robber lunged at the officer with a large knife. I don’t think that the officer had much choice given the short distance between the two. Pepper spray would not have been a deterrent nor would shooting low at the legs. The officers life was in danger and it a split second could easily have been fatally stabbed. Do not underestimate the danger of a knife in the hands of someone who knows how to use it aggressively. I am glad that the officer wiould be going home to his family that night. He will doubtlessly be deeply affected mentally for the remainder of his life but he is alive. As for the robber he made a grave mistake by attacking an officer who through training knew how to react.

  8. Moe
    That shoot ’em in the knee nonsense is for the movies
    A man lunging at you with a knife can still kill you even if
    shot in the chest. You should learn the dynamics of a
    gunfight before making comments like that.

  9. Well this is what you get for being a piece of s***. Stupid actions have consequences. And for this people saying on here that the cops jumped the gun know the cops didn’t jump the gun the cops are doing their f****** job. The f*** you want to taser a guy through a jacket he’s coming at you with a f****** machete give your head a shake you idiots.

  10. The cop had more then enough time to aim at a leg which would of be non life threatenin. Seriously the kid WALKED up to the cop

  11. Love the people that only know about guns from movies saying stupid crap like shoot them in the leg. Shooting someone in the leg as they come at you with a knife is a sure way to have your family weep over your casket. There are probably less than a dozen shooters on the planet that could consistently hit a moving leg. That is why every law enforcement officer is taught aim for body mass and shoot until they stop being a threat. Even walking away from the cop is a threat to someone else when swinging a knife or gun. Tasers don’t work on someone wearing a coat and you would never deploy a taser on someone with a weapon, they are not 100 percent effective. Anyone that’s ever fired a handgun knows even with practice hitting something 3 to 6 inches wide that’s moving would only be a lucky shot and you don’t gamble your life on luck.

  12. Hope karmas hits u ill minded ppl..wat if it was one of your ppl and u didnt know…karma will be glad to all u mouth pieces…

  13. I have no sympathy for people who make these kinds of decisions and end up getting shot by police for it. You do something like this, you deserve ALL of the repercussions from it. The police very well could have saved some innocent people’s lives that night. Someone brandishing a knife in this manner obviously does not have good intentions in mind. So what if they shot him 9 times?? Does anyone know what it feels like to be out anywhere, day or night and be afraid because of people like this who are out and do not have good intentions? I do, and I do not appreciate it just because some people out there feel that they have that right. The dumb f*ck should have been applying for a job at 7/11 instead of holding one up. Things like this, as brutal as they are, also serves as a warning to others who may try holding up another small store or business somewhere. I see nothing wrong with the actions taken. I have friends who work in small stores that have been held up. They talk about how terrifying it is to have someone walk into the store with a weapon, not knowing if they’re going to use it against you or not. I have sympathy for the person working at 7/11 when this disturbed human walked in, not the guy who tried holding up the place. Rant over.

  14. Doesn’t matter what race an it wasn’t a gun so your telling me with all those cops they couldn’t of taken him down …like let’s get real here peeps

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