VIDEO – “Grinch” Breaks Into Homes, Steals Christmas Gifts


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A southside thief has been busy ruining Christmas for numerous families.

Sources indicate that the man in the video provided below has been breaking into homes in the Isabella Street and Vickers Street South areas.


Once the “grinch” gains access to the homes, he has been stealing Christmas gifts from under Christmas trees along with any medications that they find.

The Thunder Bay Police Service has been notified and are investigating the matter.

Residents in the area are advised to keep their homes and vehicles locked and consider purchasing video surveillance equipment to protect their belongings.


Anyone with information about the identity of this suspect is urged to contact the Thunder Bay Police Service immediately at 807-684-1200. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can reach out to Crime Stoppers via their website at where you may be eligible for up to a $2000 reward for information that leads to a conviction.


21 Replies to “VIDEO – “Grinch” Breaks Into Homes, Steals Christmas Gifts”

    1. Rex you talk a lot of crap but don’t have the balls to leave your real name ?? What this guy did was disgusting but some of your comments about people struggling with addiction are just disgusting

    2. Who says Rex isn’t my name Alicia?

      Life’s all about choices Alicia. Good ones and bad ones Alicia. I suspect you’ve made quite a few bad ones and by protesting my comments you’re trying to right your wrongs by defending weak willed drug addicts.

      Fortunately, I was born with sufficient brains and “balls” to avoid taking the low road to self destruction. I get the feeling that you took that route at 200 kph. Know what I’m saying Alicia?

      I’d wish you a Merry Christmas, but I don’t believe in that shit either. So, Happy Whatever The F__K You Want to Call It.

    3. Hey Rex, keep up the good work I agree 100%. My tolerance for these addicts is non existent anymore. This city is unsafe and filled with addicts and people looking for freebies. The armpit or the asshole of the world you can call Thunder Bay both.

    4. Ya I think almost all of your comments are disgusting. You make yourself look trashier than the people whom you are bashing

    5. Louisville:

      These whiny, bleeding heart liberals are all the same. Coddling and cozying up to lifelong drug addicts looking for every excuse to give the druggers support and not having the brains to realize that the only way they’ll change is if they die or are incarcerated.

      They’re all cuddly and cozy until it’s them that’s mugged or their home is ransacked by druggers.

      It’s beyond me how this airhead could possibly support anyone robbing families and children of their Christmas gifts? It just doesn’t get much lower than that. If it happened to my family, that creep would get the beating of his life and be carried off with that Louisville Slugger stuffed all the way up his ass.

    1. Methadone actually will make someone go into withdrawal if they use opioids, so it actually prevents people from using opioid based drugs. However, this is because the crack and meth coming into the city.

    2. Madison:

      No matter how you cut it, addictions is NOT a badge of honour nor anything to be proud of.

      Furthermore, saying it’s a disease is somewhat of a misnomer.

      People don’t arbitrarily decide that they will do something to themselves to get pneumonia or meningitis. When illness happens beyond the person’s control, I have sympathy for them.

      It’s the lack of good judgement and mental weakness that result in the stupid decision to stick needles in one’s self. It’a a choice that these weak minded fools make and I have no sympathy for idiots who constantly make bad decisions. Get it?

  1. It’s not the people going to methadone that you have to worry about…its the people that aren’t going there that are stealing. Methadone they are getting help and I know many success stories. As for the dope shooting sites I don’t know enuff to comment but if they didn’t work they wouldn’t be available I would think.

  2. Hey Alicia, wait til he ruins your Christmas and let’s see what you’re spewing. I don’t care what addiction he has look at the grief and fear he will now causing a lot of families. Send this guy to jail and make him dig ditches for 12 hours a day. Maybe they’ll think twice.

  3. wow, you can sit and record and watch it all go down, but not try and stop the guy, i dont mean by going after him physically

    but yell out the door or window. tell him a lie that your going to follow him.

    do something. other than watch him and record .. yes the video may help the police build a case. but the moments it took you to pull out your phone and hit record.. you could have called your neighbour. call the police.

    that is what is going to hell in our age of society… we all have time to video moments of peoples demise. but not lend a hand to help out those being victimised

    i happened across this site today… my niece checks out this site. she is an adult. but i will no longer condone it after finally caving in and viewing the real concerned citizens brigade for myself.

    it sicken me that the people posting these videos, and comments, at one time or another were the ones that have been in the opposite side of the spectrum. im sure as well as living in thunder bay, one of you all have been victimised or preyed on in one way or another.

    well here is to hoping the next time something happens to you ( the person behind the lens of this video) that someone will be there to record your misfortune going down and post for everyone to see.

    and all will be gawking and doing nothing.

    go ahead rant back call me a keyboard warrior and petty bystander myself for viewing the video. or the moments before i hit pause and stopped watching before finding out the ending.

    because maybe i am no better than anyone on here. but at least i know i wouldnt be the one standing in the crowd gawking and recording. but the one actually doing something about a situation going awry , whether it be a “grinch” run in or a person who has fallen over . ill be there holding out my hand to help that victim up or to help the victim out.

  4. Never mind the bat buy yourself a shotgun and load it with rock salt then shoot the bastard in the ass. He will have to go to the hospital where the police arrest him. He won’t be stealing for a while and if the courts let him out on a promise to attend court and he steals again then just shoot him dead. Our judicial system has failed us and protects the criminal more. It is time we take back our city and rid the streets of this scum.

  5. Jilly – If you are on methadone and use drugs you DO NOT go into withdrawal. I used to think the purpose of methadone was to make people sick if they then tried drugs. Being a non-drug user I did not know any better. Methadone keeps drug users from having severe withdrawal symptoms and as such hopefully encourages them to then quit drugs. Unfortunately, many people I have talked to use it just for the lack of withdrawal and still use drugs when they can get them.

    1. That’s correct. Look at the lineups at the methadone clinics a week or so before the welfare cheques/money goes out. All the dopers are there because they’re broke and don’t have money for their usual drugs.

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