VIDEO – Grant Park Shopping Centre Liquor Heist


(WINNIPEG, MB) – Yet another brazen liquor heist happened yesterday in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
A growing and alarming trend happening there is groups of people enter a liquor store, load up reusable shopping bags with various bottles of liquor, then just walk out, unabated.
Many liquor stores and other retail outlets have a “no touch” policy for their security guards regarding a theft in progress. Thieves have been capitalizing on this chink in the retail armour.
Citizens are calling for security to either be given the power to stop these types of crimes while its happening, or to convert every liquor store into a walk up window where you order what you would like.
This type of crime has yet to happen in Thunder Bay, as far as we know.
Below is the video.


2 Replies to “VIDEO – Grant Park Shopping Centre Liquor Heist”

  1. this is how the end starts…..people like this who do get caught should get INSTANT 20 YEARS w/o question.

  2. If this isn’t getting close to anarchy, I don’t know what is? Uncontrolled or unchallenged looting and theft will only get worse until the law clamps down on these thieves.
    What’s next, all out home invasions? If it is, there will be bloodshed.

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