VIDEO – Citizen Takes Down Liquor Thief


(WINNIPEG, MB) – With the never ending plague of alcohol thefts occurring from retail stores across Manitoba and the country, one heist went sour this evening.
A number of people had entered the store, picked up bottles they planned to steal and headed for the exit.
A security guard can be seen in the video, they do not interact with the criminals.
As the criminals head for the exit, a civilian, likely upset with the uptick in liquor heists, takes matters into their own hands and stops one of the group of thieves.
During the video, you can hear a call for 911 being requested.
Below is the video.



4 Replies to “VIDEO – Citizen Takes Down Liquor Thief”

  1. This is PERFECT!! More people need to start doing this because it’s getting out of hand. Seriously who do these people think they are thinking they can just waltz into a store and TAKE whatever they want? It’s too bad in a way that this wasn’t 50 years ago when store owners had a gun behind the counter. You don’t have to kill them, but shooting them in the leg would be perfectly fine. Then the police can get there and do what they need to start doing…CHARGING these SOBs.

  2. I hope we see more citizens stand up to these pieces of garbage.
    I mean its only a matter of time till they are found needing assistance in the river, but lets try to avoid that by stopping the shit before it happens.

  3. Huh, so the girl was free and clear to go was she? slipped right through the doors as they assaulted the male that didn’t technically steal anything.

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