VIDEO – Charges Laid After Moose Dragged Alive Down Highway


(KILLARNEY, ON) – On September 28, 2019, members of the Nipissing West (Noëlville) Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) received a report of a moose being shot and dragged on Highway 637, near Bell Lake Road, Killarney, Ontario.

A joint forces investigation with the North East Region (NER) OPP Crime Unit, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) and the Wikwemikong Tribal Police with the assistance of the OPP Forensic Identification Service was conducted.


On December 12, 2019, Alphonse Donald MAIANGOWI, age 73 and Gabriel RECOLLET-JOCKO, age 18, both from Wikwemikong First Nation were arrested and charged with:

  • Causing Unnecessary Suffering to an Animal, contrary to section 445.1(1)(a) of the Criminal Code (CC); and
  • Careless Use of a Firearm, contrary to section 86(1) of the CC.

The MNRF has charged both accused with:

  • Use Firearm Carelessly to Hunt, contrary to section 16(1) of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act (FWCA);
  • Unlawfully Have Loaded Firearm in Conveyance, contrary to section 17(1)(a) of the FWCA;
  • Unlawfully Discharge Firearm in Travelled Roadway, contrary to section 17(1)(e) of the FWCA; and
  • Use Vehicle to Hunt or Injure Wildlife, contrary to section 24(1) of the FWCA.

The accused persons were released on a Promise to Appear and are scheduled to appear at the Ontario Court of Justice in Sudbury on February 26, 2020.


Source: OPP


35 Replies to “VIDEO – Charges Laid After Moose Dragged Alive Down Highway”

    1. Why didnt the person taking the video not block off the truck. I would blocked him and got out let the moose free and punch that fucking old man and that 18 year old right in the face.

    2. I totally agree with everyone !!!! BUT HERES THE REAL KICKER ,just wait and see what if they get convicted of any ofthe charges. Do you actually think that any court will make an EXAMPLE of them . Just look at their names !

  1. Tie them up, one to each side of the veichle. Make sure their alive and well that way they can slowly start to feel the burn and to suffer. These two tough guys should be locked up for life, if they did something this inhumane once, then they will do it again

    1. EXECUTION AFTER DRAGGING THEM… Why do we insist on screwing around with these type of people.forget locking them up for life !

  2. If you’re looking for volunteers to drive that piece of s*** down the highway I got a Chevy truck and a full tank of gas and I’ll drag him to his f****** head falls off

  3. This is not respecting the earth and everything that it provides to you! That poor animal. How inhumane!! I hope you get what’s coming to you!

  4. These two individuals better not get off scott free because this is horrible. Should be jail time for sure. Just disgusting.

  5. What the hell is wrong with some people? You can’t take an animal the proper way, than you should not have guns! Who the hell drags an injured moose down the highway? This is is way beyond the pale. These two guys should be banned from ever owning a firearm or hunt again. That is a despicable act!!!. You ruin it for a lot of people. I hope you pay a heavy price and spend some time behind bars. You’re disgusting!!!

  6. 73 year old and 18 year old ,don’t care what nationality, They had a gun ,they had already shot the moose, IF IT DIDNT DIE ,WHY DID THEY NOT SHOOT IT again,what a way and thing to teach an 18 year old, stupid and ignorant old fart, I can say I am ashamed of them ,being I am part native.

  7. wow, that’s totally despicable!! ‘never seen anything like that, cruel omg! so happy they been caught; I have some ideas, unprintable..

  8. So these idiots think that because they live on a reserve, they reserve the right to do anything they want?
    And watching that poor moose’s legs moving ,like it wants to run(but can’t) is disheartening.

    1. Forget where these two disturbed idiots come from, they both are obviously mentally not right. This behaviour in relation to an animal is first step toward doing same to humans. They are both a danger to society and need to be incarcerated permanently for all our safety.

  9. I wonder what the First Nations community has to say about this.
    I am a hunter, I have passed up many an opportunity to shot at moose account it would not be an ethical shot, I never want to be a part in any animal suffering.
    There are no words that can describe the disgust I have for what these 2 have done.

  10. Good for you Brian; I wish I heard more hunters state the same. The most logical step would have been to shoot the animal again (making sure it was a kill shot); however, I do not think the intention was to put the moose out of its misery but rather torture it. Please do not try to convince me these individuals did this because they are survivors of intergenerational trauma, many people have experienced abuse in their lifetime and do not resort to this behaviour. I hope the legal system takes this seriously but I highly doubt it “just an animal”. Be interesting to see this 18 year old in a few more years, hopefully he does not have children.

  11. Well First Nations what do you have to say about this one ? Usually pretty quick to defend everything so are you actually going to provide justice for this or turn a blind eye like usual when people are caught red handed. Not being able to hunt again and a fine ISNT even CLOSE to enough punishment honestly no amount of jail time is even punishment enough but the best option for what they can do. So sick of people getting away with inhumane poaching, fish netting and animal abuse with nothing more than a fine it’s pathetic!! I’m hoping someone gets to them while they’re enjoying their time with their families at home for the holidays on promise to appear since the justice system will likely fail on this miserably like they always do telling these pieces of shit it’s tolerated and go ahead and do it again. START MAKING EXAMPLES OF THESE TYPES OF PEOPLE!!!

  12. Cull them from the herd. Just like a farmer whose one cow is a threat to the rest. There is no reason to keep adults like these around because they will do this again. Abuse of animals or another human should be dealt with with a bullet between the eyes. It is the only way we will stop abuse. And I for one am totally willing to hunt the fuckers myself and cull the toxic parasitic humanoids out of our herd.

  13. an eye for an eye , you drag the moose , the law gets to drag you the same way, this is your sentence!!
    sick people in every walk of life , and the real reason is that the penalty or sentence just does nothing to teach or scare others from doing the same , whether it’s killing a human or several humans or this despicable sight of a poor wild beast being dragged to its death , there should be little time wasted in courts of law and less money spent on this , an eye for an eye
    simple fast and educational !!!

  14. Is this what they are taught, how to hate life? They are an embarrassment to the human race. Their Bullshit about respecting mother nature, animals…not using tobacco but offering it in thanks to the creator for taking an animal life…an ancestor- WHAT A FUCKING BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!!! They kill these deer/moose just to leave the calf nearby to starve, often they only take the antlers, kill our bears for the gallbladder, drag our rivers and leave nets for too long- killing our fish!
    When will they be stopped- they abuse everything; the financial system and our handouts; mothers allowance….need I go on???

  15. Unbelievable that anyone could be so cruel. There isn’t anything I can think of that would be a suitable punishment other than having the same done to them. Take away their firearms, right to hunt, vehicle used in this atrocity and jail time. Confine them to the reserve they are affiliated with once the jail term is over.

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