VIDEO – Car Hoppers Strike Edgewater Park Area Overnight


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – As is happening in every area of the fine city of Thunder Bay on a pretty much daily basis, car hoppers have pounced yet again.
A “car hopper” is a criminal that goes out and attempts to break into unsuspecting vehicles, homes and basically any area and collects anything they believe they can sell or trade for a quick dollar.
Car hopping is often driven by out of control addiction issues, it is not frequently pulled off by criminals of any substantial intelligence.
A recommended habit to reduce the damage car-hoppers cause is to not leave anything of value in your back yard, shed, vehicle or otherwise in sight of criminals. Leaving your vehicles doors unlocked is another way to prevent the more aggressive car hoppers from smashing their way into the vehicle to search.
The thieves will usually dump out the contents of the glove box onto the passenger seat, rummage through any storage areas and keep what they believe is valuable.
A visit to the crooks trap-house of choice often where your valuables will end up. Typically, these thieves will sell your $100 item for $10 or less, just to get their next hit of the drug they are addicted to.
Below is the video submitted to us of car-hoppers live in action.



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